Please not Mike Catt again!

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by sniper_bob, Mar 6, 2007.

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    Has Brian Ashton gone completely mad? Mike Catt was the most disasterous choice of centre in the history of English rugby - every time he got near the ball, heads would fall into hands, grown men would sob "FFS don't give it to Catt!" He'd kick to touch (and miss) when he should pass, he dropped sitters, he always took the wrong option, he never played to the strengths around him - in short he was a total fcuk up.

    And now Brian Ashton hasn't just brought the fcukwit back - he's made him Captain!
  2. I take it you don't rate him then....
  3. Does anyone? The Jaapies wouldn't select him for a regional team let alone the Boks.
  4. to be fair to Catt during the last world cup, he was the only person who could do anything along side Wilkinson. Anyone else couldn't make him work as well. Theer were quite a few times when JW was just going to kick it when Catt got him to change his mind and pass it out which set up some good tries!
  5. My vote would be Shane Drahm
  6. You feckers had better sort it out for this weekend!!!
    If you don't beat France the dirty frogs will snake another six nations out from beneath the greatest team in the Northern Hemisphere.....I'll let you boys fill in the Blank!!!

    Seriously I will be all about England just short of wearing a white shirt, or "Losers" shirt as they have come to be known amongst my rugby brethren!

    Standing By!
  7. My memory was exactly the opposite, as soon as he got the ball the movement fell to bits. As ofetn as not if Catt was outside Wilkinson JW would use him as the mis-move or kick it as far away as possible from the inbred fool.
  8. I'll see your critisicm, and I'll raise you a World Cup Winners Medal.

    Until either you or I have one of them, I reckon it's best to let Mr Catt crack on :winkrazz:
  9. Its not Catty you've got to worry about.

    Corry at Lock!!!!! WTF! You pick a decent 8 (Nick Easter) because Corry is crap in the loose plus you pick some of the best forwards for handling and drive in the loose (Payne, Worsely, Palmer & Rees) then pick el donkey in a position he's doesn't play in! Ashton must have lost his marbles. What about Chris Jones from Sale FFS, even Lund at a push. But good to see he's not bothered with the sin bin twins at 4&5.
  10. Hmmm, maybe there'll be a new record for amount of points conceded by England this weekend...
  11. Bob, has he upped your missus? You can tell us. We won't take the piss.
  12. She's been ruined for the pretty boy backs. The welsh front five are more likely to be my spunk brothers.