please need sponsorship in to the British Army

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Whiskybreath, Jan 11, 2008.

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  1. I received an email today under the heading above. The contents were as follows:

    I don't know how spammers usually get the email addresses to send this sort of thing to - couldn't be from ARRSE because I use a different address from the one it was sent to, and I've no current connection with Ghana. But. Is this an extension of the 417 scam? Is my email address/military connection compromised? Anyone else got one?
  2. I sent an email back to him from my "other" account telling him that Id only sponsor him if he would send me further details. If he replies to me then you know you are in the clear.
  3. Yes Whiskeybreath I have had them to my prime email account despite having a BT Junk filter. I don't know how they get thru' as most rubbish goes into my online bulk mail which I rarely check. Anything in that dies after 30 days.

    Get him to pay you a months rent in advance via PayPal and offer to meet him at Gatwick but don't turn up.

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  4. Fcuk me, what size waist.....sorry chest are those trousers. Nice tie.

    I never get interesting emails like that, I suppose it depends on the sites you visit :roll:
  5. Actually that picture was sent to me at work as 'Simon Cowell eat your heart out". I managed to repoint it home without the IT Nazi's impounding it.
  6. must be a killer on the groin area
  7. I'm only surprised he hasn't got a bucket on his head.

    So. It's a scattergun scam. I wonder if he's had any result.
  8. Backpedal! The email address used by this scammer to send to me is the one published on ARRSE (just checked my account rather than my faulty memory). Worth a check, anyone else who's received this.