Please Mr Postman

That former intellectual colossus of the Post Office, Alan Johnstone, is in the process of creating a 'dance working group' to inspire us all to lose weight. Its all very well 'thinking outside the box', and I'm sure this policy has done the rounds in Whitehall before being floated, but I'm certain with this one that he's operating well outside of his comfort envelope.

Detail and link below and I'll keep you posted on any updates.

FATTIES of Britain: prepare to foxtrot. The health secretary wants you to hit the dance floor to counter the obesity epidemic, writes Jonathan Oliver.

Alan Johnson has been inspired by Strictly Come Dancing as he attempts to persuade the public to lose weight.

Like millions of others he was gripped by the spectacle of John Sergeant, the former television journalist, who waddled his way through the contest. Johnson, however, was struck not by Sergeant’s endearingly inept style but the fact that he lost two stone during the 10 weeks he was in the show.

“The point about dance is you don’t have to be a professional,” said Johnson in an interview with The Sunday Times. “You don’t have to be brilliant on your feet but it gets you moving and that is what all of us need.”

He intends to create a “dance working group”, including the Strictly judges, to expand the availability of dance classes to adults.
mistersoft said:
one two three, one two three, one two three

The beats to a waltz or the numbers of post offices closing?

More likely the number of lardies telling this gobment to ram their do-gooding ideas up their jacksies.

Our dear leaders would like nothing more than to have a nation of naturally healthy people, all employed (and hence fully taxed), and all paying full whack national insurance which they don't use.

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