Please, Mr Milliband - just go away, theres a good boy.

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Mr Miliband was twice asked about the fact that he wasn't a scientist or even an environmental expert - he studied politics, philosophy and economics at university.

His answer to the students: "...But what do I hope to try and bring to this?... I hope that the skill politicians have - the only skill maybe - is the ability to try and persuade people."
No, seriously. Just go away. Very, very far away.

You've already made a prat of yourself and you're making the rest of us look bad every time you open your foolish mouth.
I would of thought that a much more noble characteristic of a politician would be the ability to listen.

This hoon sums up the Labour apparatchik so well.
Another ' mr Ben' of politics. Disapear in the back room and come out as whatever you want. Mind you, hopefully he'll be drawing his p45 by next summer
This cracks me up with new labour. It's always 'putting the message across' and persuading people. They just don't get it - It's not the presentation we don't like it's the policys themselves, which invariably are badly thought out spiteful rubbish.

The current cabinet must be the most useless bunch of fcuking tools to ever find themselves running the country.
That might be a tad harsh, doc - Spencer Perceval's cabinet wasn't exactly brim full of talent. He attempted to be both PM and Chancellor; suffered from accusations of presiding over corrupt electoral practices and was assassinated by a businessman ruined by the government's policies (although there is much hearsay evidence to suggest that the assassin, John Bellingham, was actually after another politician and his target recce was so p*ss poor that he shot the wrong man).

Viscount Goderich's administration (1827) was also useless, not least because the cabinet members hated each other and the PM - regarded as the nicest and most timid man in the government - couldn't control them; he usually stopped their arguments by bursting into tears and the cabinet is reputed to have then shut up (a) out of mortal embarassment at having upset such a nice chap and (b) because they then stopped arguing so that they could comfort him. After 4 months of this, he resigned and a slightly more robust PM was appointed (Wellington).

So they're probably not the most useless cabinet ever. Just in the last 175 years.
But what really gripped me was that even as Foreign Secretary - the bloody Foreign Secretary, FFS! - he couldn't get his research right on what would or wouldn't appeal to an overseas audience.

Did he seriously think that a nation of technocrats, where you do indeed need to "bury yourself away in obscure pursuit of your specialist subject for 30 years, in order to come out the other end as a grizzled, trusted public expert", would be in the slightest bit impressed by what amounted to "I don't know what I'm talking about, but I like to think I can talk really well"? What kind of impression does he think that's given them of Britain?

Regrettably, I think it's probably given them an accurate impression.
"... in Britain, ... people get appointed to jobs where they don't necessarily have expertise." -- It is tantamount to an admittance of incompetence at the highest levels...

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