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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Lt_Gen_Me, Dec 17, 2006.

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  1. Can any tell me what the "medal" ribbion is for on the Cols. right chest. Dont really want to know the exat ribbon, but why.

  2. it looks like the cadet forces medal.

    The Cadet Forces Medal (CFM) and Clasps are awarded to officers and uniformed adult instructors in recognition of long service of proved capacity in the Cadet Forces. 12 years reckonable service is required for award of the medal. 6 years further service is required for award of each subsequent Clasp. Prior to 1991, 8 years service was required for the Clasp.
  3. Isn't it when a family member gets a medal or a ribbon you can wear that medal on the right chest?
  4. The question was about the ribbon on the Colonel's right breast.

    Possibly a civilian award?

    QRs J10.001.c:
  5. 10/10 for the poppy stashed in the brim of his hat. Very strange!
  6. where else would you wear it???
  7. Why, do students wear it differently? Cnut. :roll:
  8. That's where it's supposed to be worn in that order of dress, have you never been on a remberence day parade?
  9. Whatever it is, pound to a penny it shouldn't be there. As far as I am aware, the only medal ribbons permitted on the right breast are the medals awarded for life saving by the Royal Humane Society: Bronze, Silver and the Stanhope Gold Medal. As it appears he's at a 'medals will be worn' do, then why is this - whatever it is - not being worn too?

    I am more than familiar with awards and medals, but this has me stumped. I can only suggest that this is 49 Para's boss and it's a Presidential Unit Citation from Der Waltenkommando for services rendered to the ACF. Stranger things have happened.
  10. I tend to agree (while also giving the benefit of the doubt). The ribbon colours don't match those of the medals mentioned in QRs. While it's common to wear the medals of deceased relatives on the right breast, you wouldn't normally have the ribbons sewn on.
  11. To be honest, he may well be a colonel in the cadet forces.
    On his epaulette at the bottom there appears to be the ACF title.

    Asfor what the ribbon is, I dont know :)
  12. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    He is indeed ACF - Cadet Colonel for the County.
  13. The Cadet Forces medal, I cant quite tell if it is that though

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  14. He's wearing the jubilee and the Cadet Forces Medal with six year bar.
  15. The CFM is the one he has on his far left breast. Fuck knows what that thing on the right is.