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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Lt_Gen_Me, May 18, 2007.

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  1. Why is the CDS (RAF) wearing an army stable belt and beret plus badge, and not his regular RAF ones...? Notice he still has his RAF rank on.


  2. interesting - and the badge and belt dont match ... i look forwad to the answer
  3. Walt?
  4. Maybe he's trying to model himself on Monty who seemed to wear badges/hats etc as he pleased?
  5. Babmi, possibly correct. Surely he deserves a comment in the Walt threads.

  6. RM stable belt, RE beret, RAF badges of rank - all very tri-service. Looks to me like the result of a very drunken detachment.
  7. Bad packing by wife? Opens suitcase to discover no hat and no belt, ADC blags said items from cloakroom in Mess.

    Better still RAFP at Brize siezed his beret and belt in the interests of flight safety.
  8. There’s one of the CAS bumbling around in CS95 with his nice shine SD Cap on...Obviously learnt from the best...

    Here it is...[​IMG] ...walking arround Oman, no less.
  9. Gents,

    My initial thoughts we're that he hadn't earned the right to wear those particular items (RM Stable belt & Sapper Capbadge), but the perhaps he was OTC/TA/RMR previously (I don't know). Even so... at his level should it not be a staff badge in his lid?

    Or perhaps there was an admin drama on the day.

    Would love to know the real answer....


    (There is one more frightening possibility... that he's a W...W...Wa... no I can't bring myself to say it, but i'm thinking airsoft fanatic type....)
  10. I was thinking this was the most likely to be honest.
  11. At the risk of incurring a WAH... he is the Chief of the DEFENCE Staff. The most senior serving Tri-Service officer. My assumption is that this is a courtesy to show that, although he is an RAF officer, he is showing respect for the other two Services for which he is responsible (as well as diluting the artificial fibres on his person). Just the same as Monty did with his two badges. I seem to recall some previous occupants of his venerated position doing the same, although some would have rather been seen wearing white socks than so doing.

    Now, I am not saying it is entirely kosher in dress regs. But the great thing about being CDS is only HM the Q can tell him off... (more likely Phil)
  12. Nice try Ollie....... so why did he choose the Sappers, eh?
    And I don't wear a skirt to show solidarity with Mrs Bambi (well, not for that reason anyway).
  13. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

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    You owe me a new keyboard. :D
  14. Chaps,

    The sapper lid is due to him being Hon Col of a RE TA unit (Air Support?).

    The RM stable belt I don't know. Why not a Navy Stable belt and represent the entire service?
  15. The RM stable belt remains a mystery.