Please let it have been a bad day.

Evening gents,

Today, as a do probably once every 2 weeks, I et myself up a little self assessed PFT, just to make sure I'm still there.

Usually I have no bother, and 3 weeks ago I was doing PFT in 10 flat with reasonable, but not full effort.

Today however I came in, in a surprising 11.06- after having run pretty hard I thought.

I don't know how to explain it and I can't see how I could drop a minute in 3 weeks, while doing moderate exercise pretty much every day.

Can anyone shed light on this, give me advice or tell me that i'm just a big fat lump and need to beast myself silly.

You're doomed! I remember the day this happened to me - mid-90s... its been downhill from then on. Sorry mate.
There's a whole multitude of reasons that you could be running slower, so don't beat yourself up (too much over it). Dehydration can play a massive role in slowing you down (some research suggests by up to 30%), so if you were out on the pop last night, that could be a possibility.

More information, if you have any, could help form more of an opinion.

Most of all, don't worry about it, just get out there again tomorrow and see how you feel.
Sh1t happens; I've had training sessions when I felt superhuman - and others when I felt BARELY human!

Even world or olympic class athletes have cr@p days. The time to worry is when it happens nearly every session.
Could be even if you are doing moderate exercise every day that your body could do with a day off to recover. Failng that try to vary your exercise with hard, medium and easy days and see how things develop.
if not the above, remember the old saying 'routine kills'.

vary your workouts every 6 weeks or so, running the same routes at similar distances at a similar percieved level of exertion (note, not neccesarily same speed, you may get faster but effort doesnt increase.), will soon cause you to plateau.

chuck in swims every now and again, change days. if its always mon - run tue-swim wed - run etc, change it round.

also, its quality that counts not quantity. beast yourself 3/ 4 times a week is better then moderate pace 6 or 7 days
Doubt it I'm still a teenager.

It was probably just becuase I was tired. I'm taking today as a day off and I will see tomorrow.

Thanks for the info.


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