PLEASE just Register to vote!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by g2_rocketman, Oct 10, 2007.

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  1. Rant begins! We as a nation are terrible at voting, just over half of us actually bloody bother. Last year there was a fuss in parliament about the Op Bonus where the Tories said they would give us all tax free salaries in Iraq and Afghan like the Americans, it ended up with the £12 a day payment (fair enough better than a slap in the chops). There are lots of threads on here about how underfunded and ill treated we are, all true I might ad!

    My point is this, if we register in the following Labour marginals listed below they have no choice but to pander to whichever minority section of society is most likely to swing the marginals that will get them in to government (in this case it could be us!).

    As members of the armed forces we can register wherever we like if overseas, so come Oct 17 when we all get the chance to register, small but significant numbers of forces voters can make a huge impact on policy. Ergo, if Labour are worried about the armed forces vote they will have to increase our spending to avoid loosing the marginals. The tories will be straining at the leash to take seats off Labour and the Lib Dems will go all out to take any seats they can get. Who knows, they may even go for the tax free overseas gambit. See below for just how few votes can turn these constituencies.

    Crawley 37
    Sittingbourne and Sheppey 79
    Harlow 97
    Battersea 163
    Medway 213
    Warwick and Leamington 266
    Gillingham 254
    Stroud 350

    Thats it rant over, this isnt aimed at trying to get people to vote any particular way, just to get out and bloody vote so that the politicians take us seriously again!

    Cant wait to register myself.
  2. Nail & Head. been saying this for ages now and also if you dont exorsice your right to vote how can you exercise you right too complain!
  3. MOD's, should this thread be a sticky?
  4. certainly believe its important to be sticked too flamingo! and needs some folks to read post and action rather than some of bandwidth stealing bone threads of late that have made there way into current affairs IMHO

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  5. Bump,

    2 years ago ARRSE and some of the founding members of BAFF waged a campaign re: Service Voters just before the General Election, dont waste their hardwork; register to vote and then use it when you can!!
  6. What I find saddening is the fact that the tax payer has to fund a campaign just to get people registered. These rights have been won over centuries and shouldn't be dismissed so lightly by those that choose not to register. How many people whine like the proverbial about "how gash the government is" and aren't registered? I would like to see voting made compulsory with financial penalties for those that don't. No votes are wasted in my book and a vote for the 'libouratives' or whoever would only serve to make politicians work harder for the vote.
  7. A cunning plan but I don't think you can register in any constituency. AFAIK you need to have some sort of residence in the constituency where you are registering - Hackle knows more about this.

    An even more cunning plan was hatched a couple of months ago for everybody to register in G. Broon's constituency and put him on the dole come the next election. Alas, it was not to be.

    A separate but related issue - The election is likely to be in about 18 months. If you will be using a postal vote - best post it now.
  8. Unfortunately we cannot register wherever we like - from the service voting leaflet:

    Please give the UK address where you would like to register. This can be the address where you are currently living (or where you would be living if you were not in the Armed Forces). If you cannot say where you would be living, give your last UK Day address before you took up your post.

  9. It's done through your local authority and you need an address - therefore it must be an address within that authorities area.

    Any registration nonsense is a crime, and to be honest, if you don't live there, don't vote there, it's not your place to try and cheat the system and try and influence the vote. One person, one vote in equally sized constituencies.
  10. That is indeed my view, A_M. The service voter registration form says "Please give the UK address where you would like to register. This can be the address where you are currently living (or where you would be living if you were not in the Armed Forces). If you cannot say where you would be living, give your last UK address before you took up your post."

    There could be grey areas in this, depending on the voter's exact circumstances, but in no case would I recommend any attempt to register in a constituency where the voter has no connection at all. Remember how critical many of us rightly were about electoral fraud at the last General Election.

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