Please identify this British(?) helmet

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by excdrac, Aug 22, 2012.

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  1. Dear all,
    I would like toa ask you to help me identify this helmet. Is it Mk1 or Mk2 or the American, M1917 one?
    I can not find any markings inside.
    Thank you!
  2. I've still got mine, in much better nick with spider and scrim, " 'at Tin, GS (Generally uSeless).

    It was standard issue until the 1980s when the first "Helmet Placcy Kevlar Alledged" helmets appeared. We may laugh at the Germans but at least they had the good sense to put the spikes on the outside of their helmets......!
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  3. Thank you!
  4. That is a 'Tommy' helmet. It was replaced in 1944 just before D-Day by the 'Turtle' helmet, which did not have the brim, had in its early version a press stud liner and later versions a brown nylon(?) knitted liner, did not have a flat edge, was curved to protect the back of the head etc.. If you did wear a Tommy helmet a la First & Second World Wars, you're older than I thought. The first kevlar helmet was the Para helmet brought in just before the Falklands, with a really crap plastic strap that was soon replaced by a green webbing one.

  5. Thanks!!!!
  6. The DS always used to do that demo at the start of exercises with an old turtle lid. They'd stick a lit thunderflash under one and it would go up about 100' in the air. I think that the purpose of this was to demonstrate that it was well worthwhile throwing thunderflashes at the DS whenever the opportunity arose.
  7. I think you'll find that was a Mk 5 Helmet.
  8. After you have stuffed the hollow end with rat pack boiled sweets.
  9. One of those fell from a shelf in the stores and broke in two. My, how we laughed!
  10. Helmet spotter...!!!
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  11. Ok, ok. I saw some pictures on that site and I was confused.
    Thanks all of you! It was a great help!