Please ID my Grandads WW I Medals

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Run_Charlie!, Feb 27, 2006.

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  1. I only have the two, and the ribbons are long gone. I don't know if there's any more. Thanks, Mark

    The bronze-coloured one - might it be the Angel of Mons?

    Front & Reverse
  2. trick400,

    The medal on the left is the War medal and the medal on the right is the Victory medal. Just out of interest what was he in?


  3. I'm ashamed to say I don't know. His name was Pte Arthur Marston, Any ideas how can I find out more?
  4. National Archives WW1 Medals

    Your grandfathers medals are also described on that web page. Silver one is the British War Medal and the other one is the Victory Medal

    I managed to use that and the commonwealth war graves site to ID my Great Grandad (and find his name)
  5. He should be on of these:

    Medal card of Marston, Arthur
    Corps: Northumberland Yeomanry
    Regiment No: 270977
    Rank: Private...

    Medal card of Marston, Arthur
    Corps: Royal Warwickshire Regiment
    Regiment No: 58026
    Rank: Private

    Medal card of Marston, Arthur Kimber
    Corps: Army Royal Corps
    Regiment No: 14993
    Rank: Private

    Medal card of Marston, Arthur E
    Corps: Lancashire Fusiliers
    Regiment No: 1533
    Rank: Private...

    Medal card of Marston, Arthur C
    Corps: London Regiment
    Regiment No: 61532
    Rank: Private...

    Medal card of Marston, Arthur Bright
    Corps: Inns of Court Officer Training Corps
    Rank: Private...

    Medal card of Marston, Arthur A
    Corps: Army Cyclist Corps
    Regiment No: 4581
    Rank: Private...

    Medal card of Marston, Arthur
    Corps: Royal Berkshire Regiment
    Regiment No: 38842
    Rank: Private

    Medal card of Marston, Arthur
    Corps: Royal Welsh Fusiliers
    Regiment No: 59414
    Rank: Private...
  6. Do a Google search for the Angel of Mons as well. Fascinating the way the media and individuals (on both sides) were so keen to get God on their side. The figure with the olive branch is winged Victory. Good luck finding out about your family. I have an in law who came over from Oz and looked up his family history. Found 7 great uncles who joined up or were in already and 5 were killed in the war. Can't leave the subject alone now and know more about the Somme than Douglas Haig!
  7. Bingo!

    I never noticed the details around the edge. Can you tell me where these "medal cards" are found - as it might list any others won?
  8. Medal cards from the PRO office. Just found that on the other thread
  9. Medal cards are stored on the National; Archive. There is a link to it on the link of my earlier post.
  10. Click on this Medal card of Marston, Arthur

    It costs £3.50 to view the card. I'm pretty certain thats the normal amount of medals, my Great Grandad was awarded those and his widow recieved another medal because he was killed on the war.
  11. Probably a "death plaque", a beautiful large bronze disc with the soldiers name molded onto it. It must be about 6" in diametre.
  12. scaryspice

    scaryspice LE Moderator

    These were the standard two awarded (I have my Great Uncles' - one from KRRC KIA 1918 and one from RA - he survived but his only son was killed in N Africa in WW2 so no direct descendants - I have the son's medals too including an Africa Star)

    If the soldier had served in 1914 or 1915 prior to the start of conscription they would also have been awarded the 1914 star or the 1914/15 star as appropriate. See the National Archives link in polar's post for details.

    less than 40% of soldiers' service records from WW1 do survive at the PRO and they are fascinating if you get lucky. You need to either go to the PRO yourself or engage a researcher to find them for you (details on the website). I have one set for a relative who died in Salonika in 1918 as a Sgt Royal Fd Artillery and they are a fascinating record. Ironically the 60+% of records that do not survive were destroyed by the Luftwaffe in the 1940s.....
  13. Thanks to all for the help!