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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Rugby_Mad, Mar 4, 2008.

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  1. Right this may sound a bit of a stupid question but I'm in desperate need of some advice...

    I've started my application process and I'm just waiting for my medical questionnaire (RG8) to come back. I had a score of 59 on my BARB test and hopefully will have 2 A-levels by the end of the summer.

    What my real problem is, is that I want a job that will challenge me metally (I know that sounds pretty gay) but I also don't want to be sitting behind a desk for 22 years. My recruiter has suggested Ammo Tech to me but again I'm a bit concerned that I will spend alot of time in a depot counting bullets.

    I was intrested in a infantry role but my recruiter said that it would be stupid to join an infantry regiment with my current qualifications.

    Right so any advice much appreciated, even if you want to take the piss, its worth a laugh :D
  2. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Don't go infantry if you want to be mentally challanged. Would suggest a corp would suit you and the ammo tech role isn't a bad one.

    As to sitting behind a desk for 22yrs. :D Bugger all chance of that whatever trade you choose these days.

    Edited to add - and before anyone gives me a hard time on the Inf thing, that is my own background where the mental and physical challange is often more about being abused than challanged :twisted: .
  3. Hey mate I had the exact same problem. I was always planning on just going in for infantry but my careers adviser went through some potential jobs and we finally landed on the intelligence corp. It offers the potential for some action aswell as being mentally challenging. Ask about it and i might see you at chicksands soon.
  4. ahh cheers guys...

    Goony I'll start reseaching intelligence...

    you in the corp then or are you in training?

    any more advice greatly appreciated

  5. Have you looked into entry as an officer at all?
  6. I was thinking about it...

    but im only 18 and a bit of a childish asshole who is always the dick getting shitfaced on the weekend and making an arse of him self , so not exactly officer material right now i dont think lol
  7. OK, taking that on board then...

    Ever considered entry as an officer? ;)
  8. Considered any of the trades in the Medical World? A number of undergraduate courses are out there = good quals for the future. Lots of deployments and exercises.
  9. Just heading to ADSC tommorow, but im pretty confident about the intelligence corp.
    Im hoping to eventually move onto human intelligence. Make sure you give it a thought. Theres alot of diffrent options depending on what you're interested in : comms, liguist, OPMI.