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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by leviticus198, Apr 16, 2007.

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  1. I have better vision in my left eye then right due to squint opp 20 years ago
    so the only way i could aim a gun is with my left eye.

    bet the army wont let me be infantry???? please reply a.s.a.p

    many thanks

  2. does any one know if this would stop me joining??????

    please help
  3. Well I would think that you would have trouble joining because you can only use the SA-80 on your right side, so you would aim with your right eye. But you should go to your local ACIO and ask them.

  4. The Doctors that willbe examining you for your medical,as part of the application process,are notorious for erring on the side of caution with regards to any existing condition.
    Get your own GP or an Optician to examine you and record the results and present this to the ACIO, they can then tell you if you are within the acceptable parameters to be accepted into service.
    Try posting on the Medics forum,people there should be more clued up.
    Good Luck
  5. You could always emigrate to a country that has a rifle that lefties can use.
  6. foreign legion? lefties
  7. I posted a reply about this on the other thread. Sorry I didnt realise that you already had the op done. How bad is your right eye?
  8. bad enough not to b able to aim with ( top 2 lines on eye test)

    the army dont have left hand guns or very few

    looks like i wont b joining without eye surgery
    how much is eye surgery chimpy from where?
  9. Are you only reading the top 2 lines without your glasses or is that WITH glasses?
  10. there is not a lense that helps my right eye

    where was surgery done (name of company)
  11. Leviticus, I would be very careful about taking advice of these forums.

    1. You don't know who is giving you the advice and how, or indeed if, qualified they are to do so.
    2. They haven't seen your eyes.

    You could post in the Medics' forum, but the above still hold.

    Your best solution is to get hold of the current medical guidelines in writing, then with these in hand go and see your doctor/optician and ask their advice.

  12. right eye to crap to fire

    any 1 know any gud eye surgery to suggest (company)

    otherwise it looke like i will b delivering royal mail for queen and country
  13. Mate, read what PassingBells wrote above
  14. With your eye being so bad, you will probably not be suitable for LASIK/LASEKsurgery. However, there are other surgeries you can have. I went with Ultralase and they generally have a very good reputation and a public forum where you can go and ask questions and read what others have said. Phone them up and they are very helpful mate. There is also info on their site about what the forces accept.

    There are other procedures other than laser surgery mate. You may be suitable for Intra Ocular lenses where they replace your existing lens with an artificial lens. However, I'm not too clued up about lazy eyes so you might wanna check if that's a solution for you. There is very few things they can't sort out these days though.

    As for the army not acceping lens implants, well, they dont need to know at your medical. Put it this way, you aren't going to get in if your eyes cant be corrected better than the top 2 lines. But if you have surgery atleast you've got a blaggers chance.

    It's impossible for them to tell if you've had surgery anyway ... unless you tell them. Just have it done and turn up for your medical and dont say owt. Good luck mate. And try Ultralase. They did wonders for me.
  15. In which case, I hope you can read a damn sight better than you can write, or the Queen and country won't be getting their post correctly delivered..... ;)