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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by paysheet, Jun 6, 2006.

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  1. I recently rejoined the TA after a short spell in the Royal Navy (11 months). I decided to join a different TA unit to the one I left, just 12 months after I left my old TA unit. At my previous unit I was a Class 2 LCPl having served for 6 years in the TA.

    Could anyone please answer the following:

    1. Am I entitled to my old trade pay for an initial retraining period at my old unit? I am told that I am only entitled to 29 pounds a day, an untrained soldiers pay rate, as they want me to redo my GAP training (Phase 3)

    2. Since joining my new unit I've been given 2 new Army numbers, so technically I've now had 3. I assumed you kept your number for life. Has someone messed up big time, and if so, could this affect my pay and bounty, as I should be entitled to a full bounty.

    Thanks for your help.
  2. Not sure on question # 1 but you should only ever have one number. I can't imagine that joining the navy would have affected that.
  3. Try your pay office - they should know the answer
  4. You didn't mention whether you were returning to the same type of unit or a different one.

    If you've got 2 numbers with your current unit, presumably you'll be listed on the nominal roll twice. Answer to both and pick up twice the wage. Schizophrenics have some good perks, except when carrying heavy objects.
  5. Trust me I've spoken to my pay office and they are useless and aren't really bothered. They never bothered to tell me when my number changed for a second time.

    I've actually transferred from a Signals unit to the Logistics. I've joined as a driver as I'm already a Class I driver and assumed this would improve my pay/promotion prospects.

    Unfortunately the 2 numbers aren't running concurrently. I had my previous TA number, was given a new one when I got attested and finally another one when I was taken on strength.
  6. I can clear up one of the numbers for you. when you got attested the second time you were probably given a temporary number which your Sqn can allocate you, this allows you to be entered onto the FORGE computer system before Glasgow generates a genuine army number for you. This speeds up the pay process and allows you to be entered onto Unicom for kit issue as it can take months for an army number from Glasgow.

    I don't know the system well enough but it could be that when you left the army and joined the navy your original army number was suspended and your service records transferred to the naval system. This may have meant that when you returned to the army the old number was no longer able to be used and a new one had to be created.

    Whatever the reason it should make no difference to your records as they will all still exist whether they have a Navy or Army number on the front of them.

    A class 1 driver in the Signals could well be totally different from a class 1 driver in the RLC so it will all depend on actual categories on your licence and FMT600. If you don't still have your old FMT then it may be difficult to prove as record of FMT qualifications are not necessarily kept on unicom.

    The best people to speak to about all of this is your chain of command who know all the ins and outs, speak to your new troop commander, if he/she doesn't know then ask him if he minds you going direct to your PSI. If he does mind then ask him when he will get an answer to you.
  7. Thanks Humphrey, your explanation of my numbers situation certainly makes sense and clears some of the confusion up.

    I agree that I may not be able to get trade pay. However does anyone know what the time limit is for rejoining and not having to repeat any part of recruit training as I could go back to my Unit and say that I should be entitled to at least that rate? And if there is such a thing as a retraining period, which I thought there used to be, where you get your old trade pay while you learn your new one.

    I know I should find out this information from my Unit but I've found out more here in a couple of hours than I have from repeated calls to my pay office and PSI over the past four months.
  8. 2 years after leaving the regs used to be the cut off, I assume it was the same for having left teh TA and rejoined but it all depends on them finding your old records and seeing what the dates say.

    Standing by to be corrected by someone with more up to date info - MSR probably has it on the wiki pages somewhere.