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Hello there, appreciate you having a look at this post as i am a noobie, basically i have failed my medical on the grounds of post natal depression i was diagnosed with by my stand in gp, i allowed the diagnosis to stand as at the time i didn't understand the complexitiy of proving my mental health state will latter inccur. I am going to my GP monday who will give me a waiver saying basically a week after i went into the doctors i was ok, i didn't need any time of work and was carrying on as usual, it wasnt servere depression very mild if that (maybe me feeling sorry for myself) as i had a one night stand only to find out i was then a father .... so it took me by suprise and i think i turned to having a few beers and this alerted my family as it was out of character for me to drink hence the doctors appointment.
In short is there anything else i can do?
If i write a letter myself, and also get one of my doctor is there anymore i can do?
I completley understand the selection process, is needed to have a clean menal health as the job is stressful and they dont want me going tits up in afgan/wherever your needed but prior to this i have had not one mental health issue

thank guys!!
i dont no he just said that due to my change in character (ie heavy drinking) so soon after my sons birth that it had to be post natal depression but i didnt think men could get it?
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