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Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Auto_Student, Jan 3, 2011.

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  1. I'm an Automotive Design student and am working on a project to design a new 4x4 military vehicle for use in Iraq and Afghanistan. I could really do with some help from people who have used similar vehicles out in the field or who know a little about them and how they're used. I've written some questions below that would be helpful for me to know, if anyone would be willing to answer any of them then that would be great. Thanks!

    What kind of jobs are 4x4 vehicles regularly used for?

    What sort of things need to be carried for these jobs?

    What kind of technology is onboard the vehicle to help the occupants?

    Are there any common problems associated with 4x4 vehicles currently used?

    How easy are the vehicles to service and repair?

    Are there any parts of 4x4 vehicles that frequently break?

    When inside the vehicle do soldiers feel confident in the vehicle’s armour and protection?

    How long do soldiers have to spend inside the vehicle at a given time?

    How easy do soldiers find getting in and out of the vehicle?

    What kind of facilities are available back at the base that help service and repair the vehicles?

    Is there any detail about the 4x4 vehicle that can be improved?

    How are the vehicles stored before they’re shipped out to service?

    What kind of lifespan does a 4x4 vehicle have in the army?

    What sort of distances does the average 4x4 vehicle travel in its lifetime?
  2. **** me you dont want much do you.
  3. How about typing "British Army Vehicles" into google ?
  4. The problems you've got here mate are twofold.
    Firstly-I'd love to answer your questions, but I haven't got a spare 3 hours.
    Secondly-there's such a thing as Restricted information, and, most of your questions could easily be seen as crossing the invisible Restricted information barrier.
    Because of the above, I doubt you'll get a straight answer.
  5. The information that you want there will either be classified or proprietary to the manufacturer.
    Equipment - British Army Website
    Will get you started as to where to look and what to look for.

    What level are you working to? Further or Higher Education?
    Level of background knowledge?
    Who set your project? You or your tutors?
    Do you have any specific requirements or are you generating your own spec?
  6. It's a project i chose myself for my university course so i'm generating my own spec. They're just questions i couldn't find answers for with other research methods so i thought i'd stick up a thread and see if i'd have any luck. I didn't realise all of the questions would have classified answers though.
  7. Details of job/mission profile, equipment carried, certainly protection levels, details of support would either be classified or have classified aspects.

    Support and logistics aspects might also raise issues with manufacturer's proprietary information.

    Why do you think the Army needs a new 4-by-4?
  8. Uni's usually have some kind of military affiliation (officer cadet stuff). Have a dig around at your end and see if you can get an in road to information that way.
    Sorry I cant help you mate.
    Another tip for you; A 2.5 turbodiesel Landrover Defender in Safari Spec on around a '98 plate is almost exactly the same spec as a winterized Landrover Wolf (the type the Marines use in Norway)-without all the bolt on army stuff of course!
  9. I read quite a few stories about the vehicles having problems with IEDs and roadside bombs, i thought it'd be an interesting project to do if i could somehow give a vehicle with better safety against them. I read a few bad things about the Snatch LandRover and that they're trying to replace them with the Ocelot, is that right? Do you know if the Landrovers are still being used? Thanks.
  10. Thanks for the tip. My uni unfortunately doesn't have any ties with anyone to do with the military but i'll take a look at that safari Defender. Thanks for your help.
  11. See if you cant get a copy of some SOLDIER magazine back-issues from someone with a military connection (if all else fails, pop in to your local recruiting office, they may even offer you a job). There have been several articles lately giving unclassified info on various new and new-ish vehicles used.
  12. Well, Ocelot isn't in service yet (only recently had the contract signed) so something is being used in the mean time. Perhaps a good start, if the protection aspect is what you plan to base your product on, would be to find out the lethal mechanism of IEDs and how to defeat it?
  13. Good idea. Thanks for your help.