Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by KLASH_UK, Sep 11, 2009.

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  1. As many people may be aware the army are making massive cut backs to impress the public that they are giving the forces more money when infact there not. Due to this alot of soldiers are been giving the boot for there medical disabilitys. I am aware alot of these are deserving due to idleness but there are some of us who are genuinly biffed. I was fully fit up until 6 months ago serving with brigade operations company but was diagnosed with an illness called ulcerative colitus. Due to this i was P7(home only downgraded). This disease is incurable which will obviously make me biffed for life. I have now been informed i am to start the process for medical discharge and if i do not get this then i will be admin discharged on medical grounds. If im honest am sh*ting it as i would never of expected it and have no clue what to do. I dont understand the process of a md and didnt think i could just get the boot. Trying to find help from my chain of command results in one answer and that is "prepare for civvy street". I have been warned ive got a max of a year left. I am considering legal advice but not sure if this is a good choice or even worth it. PLEASE i would really appreciate some help or some guidence as what to do as i feel like i am been shat on by a giant. Thank in advance.
  2. UC will do that.
  3. Are you a member of BAFF?
  4. I take it by "a year left," you meant serving and not that this thing is fatal?

    Not that I'm interested in the finer points of this wretched thing that you've picked up - and I can't offer much obvious or direct advice on medical matters, although there are many site users who I'm sure will step forward. There will also be others who have been down the same MD track.

    I just wanted to offer some moral support; when these things happen they come as a shock and a crushing blow to ambitions and aspirations that you may hold either for your Army career or outside. Being big enough to ask for advice is a massive first step. I'm sure that once you get a proper handle on matters and can begin to plan for the future you will draw some measure of both comfort and confidence. Knowledge dispels fear.

    Good luck!
  5. thanks
  6. Im not quite sure what BAFF is.
  7. And its not fatal, its a disease that causes ulcers inside the stomach lining and intestines. It leads to internal bleeding quite frequently. Also it stops me from getting the nutrients and vitamins i need. It has the possibility to leaing to cancer but fingers crossed i avoid this. I appreciate the concern as im really struggling, going from the top all the way to the bottom and at the moment its a very lonely place.
  8. I should be able to find some info for you on Monday when I'm back in the office. IIRC your medical centre should have a booklet about medical discharges. I'm sure there are half a dozen of them in the waiting room in mine.
  9. 1. Get your revenge in first. Write a short letter to your MP (I know they are all cnuts but it will help if he attacks the Chain of Command from the other end).

    2. Help yourself. Start a 'log', if you haven't done so already, of everything that has been done and said. Day date time and place and all that - Doctors visits, advice, reactions and so on.

    3. Speak to the Citizens' Advice Bureau about unfair dismissal.

    When I left I thought I was leaving in good health - cut a long story short - I am now a 'War Pensioner' following my final medical. The amount I receive now is trivial, but the fact that 'they' have accepted responsibilty for 'breaking' me will/may help in years to come when bits start falling off or packing up and I really do need help. How a disease is seen may be different to physical injuries.

    Don't let them fob you off with a load of cock and bull. If you know you are definitely leaving, make sure you make a stand and stick up for yourself - no other cnut will. They can't sack you if you're going anyway.

    Good luck!
  10. Are you saying its ok if REMFS get the boot and you don't?Not quite sure where you are comming from.Infact re reading your post do you know what a REMF is?
  11. Are you a REMF?
  12. I'm sorry about your illness, you have my greatest sympathy. However, unless you feel that you have a genuine case of discrimination, you may be better served expending your energy helping the system to support you rather than fighting against it. You'll find that the chain of command does not take these things lightly, especially after investing so much into training and equipping an individual; occasionally the only recourse is discharge. Fortunately, the Army is a responsible employer who takes a great interest in the welfare of its soldiers, regardless of circumstances.
  13. Queensman, PM'd you.
  14. Damn those remfs and their medical disabilities aka paper cuts.

    Whilst I sympathise with your condition, I still think you are a tosser for the above quote.
  15. I am aware alot of these are remfs but there are some of us who are genuinly biffed.

    That would be the REMFs who sort out your kit, and presumably will be doing all that paperwork, admin, and answering your questions. Many of whom may have been soldiering in other circumstances before your time?

    I also hope you get a good result, best of luck, but think before you post, :wink:

    Also go with queens man's advice and document everything.