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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Ash91, Feb 26, 2009.

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  1. I want to go for the parachute regiment but I keep getting 11 mins on my 1.5 miler :( I really really want to get it to around 9 mins, what is the maximum time aloud for the 1.5 run for para recruits? can anybody help me please!!!! :(
  2. Best person to ask is the careers centre? They should be able to tell you a rough guide as to what level you need to be at.
    From what I've seen on my fitness forms, you're required to run 1.5 miles in 10.30 and under.... So I guess either way you look at it, you need to dig a little deeper and find that 2 mins somewhere.
  3. ;

    11 mins? The AGC (SPS) Corp is awaiting your arrival.

    Sliding into your pink slippers upon entry, you'll quickly learn the art of making a brew and sneaking off for a fag break every 15 minutes.

    You'll feel 'one of the team' with a comfy green beret snugly placed around your head, confirming your identity as a Pen Commando.

    A love of numbers is liked, but clearly not essential as you balls up the pay of all and sundry only to blame it on 'Glasgow'.

    11 mins? Let's make it 13, whats 2 minutes between friends? There's no need to stress over PT as you are, of course, on 'essential duties'.

    At the end of your 22, you'll probably be a looking at a Warrant Officer pension, and thats not all you'll be leaving with: How about a brand new Army issued ass? No other branch of the British Military could provide it's personnel with such a huge rumpus.

    And if you join this month, we'll throw in a nervous disposition!!! Essential for all Combat Human Resourse Personnel!

    We look forward to your arrival!
  4. Sarge, could you add some kisses onto the end of that post?!?! Awww
  5. Bunch of fuking pricks no wonder Military Forums laugh at you guys you cant answer a simple question probaly becuase you cant get 9 mins on the 1.5 miler yourselves!!! cant even answer one question to do with fitness bunch of pircks I hope none of you make it thorugh the army it would be better off without you. This website should be shut down becuase its full of wannabees that are ********* theres no point in having a website to help people if you just pull them down when they ask a question silly bastards :evil:
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    Unfortunately, they're stuck with me as I'm already in

    Trust me, the rest of us can, it's just that you're a little porker

    Help people? Call SSAFA.
    Pull people down? You'd never make it through basic, never mind life in a Regiment full of hairy arsed squaddies
  7. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Jog on, you gobby little shit.

    (see what I did there?)

  8. Hark at the civvy kicking off. :roll:

    11 minutes is the sort of time reserved for disabled chefs, fat wobbly clerks and speshul people who aren't allowed sharp objects. The only chance you have of getting a time of 9 minutes is by jumping on a Zundapp.

    Suggest you saw your legs off and roll for 1.5 miles, tubby.
  9. Ash91 - have you thought of using the "search" function?

    Having said that I think Flash and the chaps put it better!
  10. Ash, just go ask your local careers office.... If you've recieved any info for your barb test date etc, go look at your careers advisors name and ask to speak to them. If they're unavailable, just say "look mate, I'm currently in the process of applying for the army, got a bit of a stupid question but would you be able to tell me the optimum run time at selection for the paras?"

    Not difficult.... I know the regiments I'm after, look for the 11.30 min mark for the women.
    I was so unfit in the begining I was hitting 16 mins (might be an exageration) now I hit the 11.48 min mark. So keep your chin up and work at it.
    Currently at the moment from what my little information letter says, you're out of the run time for men anyway, you've gotta knock it down a tad.
    Also learn a little bit of respect people!
  11. Who's that aimed at?
  12. Ash, loving your signature block - you are definately the loudest one in the room. Jog on (a little faster this time as you are looking for 9.5 mins).
  13. It had the word "PEOPLE" in it... Meaning more than one person....

    Why ask? Look at replies/posts and think about what you'd find offensive, hardly difficult?

    As someone previously said earlier, use the search facility BUT in your case use your reading capabilities.

    Yes I'm a civvie getting "gobby" before someone points out the obvious and I get torn an new bumhole.

  14. Trust me, fucknuts. I don't find anything offensive.

    Apart from gobshite civpop spouting dog-poo from their keyboards. Do us a favour and fuck off back to the youth club will you?
  15. "Trust me, fucknuts. I don't find anything offensive.

    Apart from gobshite civpop spouting dog-poo from their keyboards. Do us a favour and fuck off back to the youth club will you?"

    Bit hypocritical?
    Kinda chirped me that no-one advised Ash anything other than to point out he's a plonker.... Which is really helpful.
    Then I found it funny for Ash to get I'm assuming "wound up" and become a gobshite.
    Then I found it overly amusing cause I learn that you jump on my bones because I pointed out the obvious by saying "learn alittle respect" which I might add refered to everyone.
    No matter whether you're in the forces or a civvie everyone deserves to be spoken to accordingly. So get off your box and look in the mirror.