Please help! Texas Gun Laws must be changed! Joe Horn.

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by armchair_jihad, Nov 30, 2007.

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  1. Please help! Texas Gun Laws must be changed!

    To apply in the UK.

    Joe Horn, way to go mate! Knowing you lived at one end of my street would mean that I would never expect bother from that end.
  2. Bit like Tony Martin, isn't it?
  3. Eureka! Thats it, the perfect way.

    Self defence as a religion.

    Just think of what you could get away with, some scrote tries to have a go at you so you lop his head off with your sacred axe.

    Plod can't touch you as it is part of your religous and cultural heritage.

    Got to be worth a try.
  4. Would he have shot them if they were white?
  5. no - Tony Martin shot the lad in the back as he ran away. He was presumably at the end of his tether as the scumbags had been plaguing him for ages. It is similar in that the police do not appear to have answered emergency calls quickly
  6. What a w@nk comment,I take it that because he is from texas and owns a shotgun that practically makes him klan right?
  7. You tell me, you have the answer already in your mind.

    Tell me this:

    Did he have to go out?

    Was he in mortal danger by staying in side?

    Could he have not shouted that he had phoned the police and fired his shotgun in the air through an opened window of his house whilst observing them use a crowbar to break in, thus scaring them off?

    Could he have not shot them in the legs?

    Was there a need to go out and shot them at all?
  8. Hounerary ARRSE Membership for that man! He will never have to buy a beer in any bar I'm in!

    Fcuking Good Drills! :D :D
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  9. They were scum. That is reason enough.
  10. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Good on the old buffer. We need to shoot more burglars, drug dealers and scumbags.

    We need a national day of it, where anyone, who knows anyone, or see anyone being a scumbag, can go and kill them.

    Let's put it to a vote - I know, the Number 10 petition website . . .

    Edited to add: I think the commie, liberal, tree-hugging c0cksuckers call it "Reclaim the Streets" or something.
  11. Well he most certainly ensured they will never commit another crime , nor will the cost the tax payer a fortune keeping them in Jail. Reckon he'd make a great prime minister over here
  12. Fair point, I'd overlooked that...
  13. The first question you should be asking when making such statements should be:

    Did he know they were (presumably) hispanic before going out?The evidence would suggest not.

    As for the rest,shooting people in the legs with a shotgun ect may look good on film,doesnt really work for real though.Also it has to be remebered that every man and his dog is tooled up in spamland,crims in particular.At the end of the day its very easy to second guess people in those situations from the comfort of home,its a little different when you are there.Now what is that reminding me of?
  14. Well in their TV picies they're both as black as the ace of spades - I presume they were shot in the chest moving towards him or a
    cross his front and not in the back running away from him.

    Either way, they didn't need to die, he didn't need to kill them. It was murder plain and simple.
  15. You are correct,they didnt need to die,if they didnt break into some persons house trying to rob them blind the whole chain of events wouldnt of even couple of crims get the good news when caught red handed and they are the victims?What would of happened if the family of the house had been at home?A couple less scrotes in the world is a good day for the gene pool in my book,and I second what has been said already and would buy the man a beer or three.