Please help: TA Units in London

I finish Uni next week :roll: and am in the OTC - I start Sandhurst in January for Reg. Army. Initially i didn't want to do anything 'Green' before i went to Sandhurst and spend possible the remainder of my working life in Green but for various would like to join the TA (Based in London) Any recommendations?

Would they be interested in me knowing i was going to Sandhurst in January? or would they welcome another body?

Thanks for the help.

In some ways "take a break" might be an idea - but then given that you are going to spend the quite a bit of time "in green" then it would be hoped that it is something you enjoy. The TA could also be a useful transition from OTC to Regular Army as it is probably fair to say it is between the two in its demands.

Six months isn't long so you probably need to find somewhere you can transfer straight into rather than start back at the Square 1 / training stage. This would rule out the Honourable Artillery Company and any coloured hat units. Perhaps try an infantry unit? Might stand you in good stead and sharpen up your skills a bit in advance?

I would say that a 6 month stint would be worthwhile and that most units would be happy enought to have you along but if you do decide to go for it get along to your PSAO / Chief Clerk or whatever TOMORROW and put the transfer in as in past experience these things can take months, which you haven't got. Yo uwill need to do plenty of polite badgering to get it moving...
At the risk of courting controversy, I'd say don't bother with the London's and just enjoy the time off before you start sandhurst.
warcorro said:
You could also try the Media Operations Group, who are recruiting young officers all over the country. tel 01722 433325
Media Ops are only interested in you if you have a PR or Media background. I surmise they will be a much loved arm of the services in years to come.

Do you think that in order to keep the retention levels up in M'Ops they will all be exempt from <Blank>? :wink: (Fill in the gap yourself!)

I'm at it again with Journos, somebody stop me!
Ranger said:
At the risk of courting controversy, I'd say don't bother with the London's and just enjoy the time off before you start sandhurst.
Ranger, from another Ranger, I have to ask 'why do bother' if you are so anti-LONDONS? Why don't you just hang up your boots and Foxtrot Oscar?
Montmorency - not many TA units will let you swan around for six months if you are not going to stay. If you want to do a bit of green stuff then see if London District Specialist Training Team has anything. Apart from that you should be out running and getting your fitness up. After all the factory will be trying enough without worrying about your fitness.

Good luck
Don't spend too long deciding. You've got just enough time left to join the TA, get mobilised and get back in time for Sandhurst.....

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