Please Help out an Ex Servicemen!!!!!!!!!!!


Good Afternoon everyone, I was hoping that we could all help out an ex member of the Royal Signals. It will simply take two mins of your time, but will hopefully offer Andy the job of a liftetime. Please watch the video and if you think that Andy is an inspiration please vote for him. Andy needs quite a few more votes to get this job, but I would like to think that we can help him out.

Andy Campbell and i served together while I was serving with 30 Sig Regt, he is a truly great bloke. 6 years ago Andy found himself facing the reality of being Paralyzed from the waist down. Broken but not beaten Andy has been an inspiration to many. Please follow the link, watch his short clip and please give him your... vote. Andy is the one in the wheel chair ! !!! Please cut and paste the link into your browser and then vote for him and please get your family and friends to vote too!!!

HowDoYouMountain - Your Mountain - HowDoYouMountain

Thank you for your time!!


Done, inspirational bloke.
Done (again) - got two connections see :)

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