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Please Help out an Ex Corp Member!!!!!!!

Morning everyone, I was hoping that we could all help out an ex member of the corp. It will simply take two mins of your time, but will hopefully offer Andy the job of a liftetime. Andy needs quite a few more votes to get this job, but I would like to think that as a Corp we can really help him out.

Andy Campbell and i served together while I was serving with 30 Sig Regt, he is a truly great bloke. 6 years ago Andy found himself facing the reality of being Paralyzed from the waist down. Broken but not beaten Andy has been an inspiration to many. Please follow the link, watch his short clip and please give him your... vote. Andy is the one in the wheel chair ! !!! Please cut and paste the link into your browser and then vote for him and please get your family and friends to vote too!!!

HowDoYouMountain - Your Mountain - HowDoYouMountain

Thanks for taking the time to read my post, now please vote!!!
Done, voted and slightly amazed, a skier, a sub diver and an ex infantry signaller myself, I've come to the conclusion that I should try harder to improve my ski skills.
To those that have viewed my post and voted so far THANKYOU!! As you can see from the video what Andy has achieved is fantastic, so please repost this on your facebook pages/twitter pages on or any other forum on this board. Lets see if we can get Andy this job.

Thankyou so much
Done , but why TWO seperate threads?

I'm trying to get the word out to lots of people, and alot of other cap badges visit the Seniors forum, I know Andy is Ex R SIGS but I think alot of other people in other Corps would like to show there support to an ex servicemen.

Thanks for taking the time to vote
Just a quick one, did he fall off the side of a cliff?

I think I vaguely remember it happening whilst I was at 30 (just prior to posting).
Hi Chocolate Frog. sadly yes thats how Andy ended up in a wheelchair (it was a Rock Climbing accident), but just look at what he has achieved, more than most of us I'm sure!!

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