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I'm not sure whether it has been 5 years since i last sought treatment for eczema. Perhaps it has been less than that. Does this automatically mean I will be refused entry? Seems so unfair. Am going to talk to my doctor about it tomorrow but since I have only just found this out it really does put a stop to all my plans.

Any advice would be much appreciated. People have said not to mention it but surely that only applies once you go for your medical - otherwise it's there on your records to stop you getting to that stage!
A lot depends on how bad your eczema is. I assume that since your last exacerbation was 5 years ago, it is well controlled. Do you currently use steroid creams etc? Is your skin flaking to bits? I got in with mild eczema, had a bad flare up in basic training and did not get binned. Had a few flare ups over the years - sought treatment and got it nipped in the bud rapido. Never been threatened with downgrading. Occasionally had to use betnovate and soap substitutes. Eczema does flare up in hot and dusty and cold dry environments. I am sure you will get through - good luck
i had a touch of psoriasis and that didn't stop me being able to join.
As above it will depend on how bad it is and how crap the doc is who's doing your medical. He should however understand the PULHHEEMs system and refer to the latest guidance published in 2003/4

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