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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by leebar, Nov 15, 2012.

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  1. Hey everyone,

    My name's Liam, and i'm just about to turn 17 in 5 days time. I'm in desperate need of some opinions or advice from those who have the experience to do so. I've been wanting to join the army for a few years now, i act of soldiering and everything that goes along with it excites me, I've always thought i was never cut out for a desk job. I'm currently studying my A - levels, and i'm about to take my first exams in january. I've never been the sort of person who enjoys studying, or homework, or even taking part in lessons, infact if anything, it bores me to the core; more so than most people i believe. I didn't even bother to study for my gcse's, i was never able to bring myself to it. Fortunately, however, i managed to get by with respectable results (something along the lines of 1 A*, 3 A's, 4 B's, a C and a D' which was more than enough to secure my place in further education. My potential grades - according to my teachers - are excellent; somewhere along the lines of 3 A-B's and a C at A level. Although there's always been something inside me that tells me that im just not cut out for it all, all the studying, and the revision. there's something inside me that keeps telling to just leave everything and join up to the military.

    Although there is one thing that scares me. If i joined the military now, i'm scared that i'd leave with no substantial chances of securing a job that earns relatively good pay, due to having never completed my A - levels. So my question to you is this: Has anyone ever been in the same situation as me? Has anyone joined at the same age and regretted it once they had left? Has anyone ever joined and left and struggled financially?

    So what do you guys think? Do you think i should follow my instincts and just go for it?

    P.s. I'm interested in joining the paratroopers or becoming part of a tank crew.
  2. *Wah Shield On*

    Finish the A-Levels. Be stupid not to wouldn't it. And it might set you up for a better range of possible roles when you apply

    *Wah Shield Off*
  3. I know it seems like the logical thing to do, but i really don't enjoy my sixthform studies. I can't help but feel i'd save myself a few years of disappointment if i signed up now.
  4. Hang in there mate. See out the courses, get good results and it'll see you right.

    Maybe speak to the local Army Careers Office about what it would take to be an Officer, perhaps your A Levels if you got good results could help towards that?

    Some of the members here are Recruiters so maybe one will be along at some point to give some advice
  5. I have a simple message for you mate.

    Whatever you do with your life job wise, the better your educational qualifications, the further you will go and that includes the Army. Stick out your exams and when you have got the best results that you can achieve, if you still want to, then join up.

    You seriously won't regret it. I left school at 15 years of age with zero qualifications and while I have managed to do ok by the standards of those who are not educationally qualified, those who studied hard and achieved good results have done much better.
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  6. I dropped out shortly before doing my as's last year, and while I wasn't planning on staying on at the school I regret not at least completing the exams
    Keep at it, as bad as it can be sitting around at home is allot worse and the results do count in the long run
  7. You are talking about a few of months of your life versus qualifications you'll keep for life. Stick it out and do A levels (frankly you'd be stupid not to for the sake of a few months). By all means speak to a recruiter, discuss the options including university/OTC, etc.

    While I appreciate there has been some exam grade inflation, your grades sound good enough not to throw your entire academic career away over a bit of boredness at school.
  8. I joined the Army at 16 with 5 O Levels. Now I'm a 52 year old ****.

    Stick with the A Levels. Oh, and prepare yourself for a ******* huge shock. You WILL be required to study in the Army.
  9. As everyone else has said do the A-levels. You have many many years to do whatever you want. Us old fucks (feels odd to say that) arn't saying this to spite you. I know plenty of lads with degrees who are squaddies. the extra years will make you a better soldier and a better prospect for after army life. Think of it as development to be the person who you are capable of being. The army will teach you to be who they need you to be, which is fine once you have learnt who you are!

    And if you want to know the opinion of a current para I can put you in touch with one. Recently left depot (Catterick where you do your training) and was quoted as saying to me just a couple of weeks ago "I wish I had worked harder at school". That doesn't mean he doesn't love his job, it means that he wished he'd wished he had made the choice to work his arse of to have bits of paper to say he is as clever as he is.
  10. Stick with it, from your OP you seem to be able to pass exams without working too hard at it. I was lazy at school and didn't even bother turning up for half of my GCE's, but I found the courses I did in the army easy. Always good to excellent results without swatting, so finish your A levels you should do alright and as previously stated the better your qualifications the more army jobs are open to you. A commision is not beyond the realms of possibility.

    Whatever you decide get a trade that you can use in civvy street, there are loads of army trades that pay well but are useless when you get out.
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  11. I started my A-levels, but the call of the Khaki was to great and I left and joined up. My Regular military career was cut short so I had to find a job unexpectidly. Now at the heady age of 46 I am being asked, "Why no A levels, why no Degree...of sorry, we are look ing for someone with qualifications"..thats despite me having been very successful in what I do, I am now running into barriers I never expected to.

    Stay and finish the a levels, get a degree (everyone and there dog has one now) and then join up. You will have more chances, possibly get a commission and promotion should be quicker. You can also specialise in what you want to do in your military career if you get say an Engineering degree or such like.
  12. Utilise your youth. You could be half way around the world twice over, and have banged more whores and drunk more beer before your 21st birthday. Short of having a Masters in applied astro-brain-physics, an A Level in Home Economics won't cut much in the way of mustard when you're in the job queue behind 29 million Bulgarians willing to graft for £3 p/h in 2013. By then of course it will either be too late and you'll be a fat waster with a debt the size of the Greece, or you will be a chiselled god amongst men and will care not. Join up lad. Your cuntry needs you... probably.
  13. Leebar - if you really want to get on with soldiering, join the Territorial Army (TA). That way you can study AND be part of the military at the same time. You can do weekends away, maybe even an annual camp or two. It'll put you ahead of people when you do your basic training and will give you an idea of what sort of role you'll be interested in.

    Tip - don't walk into the TA centre saying "I want to join the regs but I'll do this for now" as it really pisses people off (even though they know that's what you're doing)!

    And make sure you finish your A-levels!!!
  14. Learn what Wah is you ******* creature.

    To the OP, I joined with just GCSEs, and now get paid a fortune. Qualifications are nice to have, but are by no means the be all.

  15. Yes bit of a dilemma there for you. Think about the Royal Airborne Tank Regiment or Cdo Lancers.