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Gents, My situation at the minute is i live on the Wirral near Liverpool and a few doors up from me is a rented house which has been emtpy for the past few months. Last night some local kids set the out-house on fire for nowt more than entertainment value. I went for a nose and saw that the fire had been extinguished by a neighbour with a bucket of water and that the fire brigade were clearing out the room to make sure it was 100% extinguished. Once the fire brigade had started to pack up i enterd the garden to see that what had been set alight was a large box containing all sorts of military surplus kit. The gate to the garden was secured as best as could be and the police attended and left. Non of the emergency services removed or mentioned or even cared for that matter what happened to the surplus. Even when i raised the point we were surrounded by kids who will try to re-light it after they had gone.

Today i jumped the wall to have a closer look at the stuff left, Ive found paperwork, wage slips, training material all relating to the REME, CBRN suit with boots, NI Flack vest complete with kevlar inserts, Wash kit, DPM's, Overalls, Sleeping equipment, Tac vests and loads of other stuff including personal effects all of which is named. I also found an out of date Army issue railcard. I find it sickening that the little shits have set fire to a box containing a Squaddies life from what i can see.

I have removed all the stuff for safe keeping, sadly most of it too burnt to be of much further use and can see no other destination but the bin for it. I do not want to make this decision tho. My next move is to ask the Help of yourselfs, is their any form of Charity, Organisation or section of the MOD i can contact to try and trace the squaddie these items belong too?? Can i e-mail the details to anyone on here who may be able to locate a forward address? phone number for this chap so i can at least return some of his stuff???

Many Thanks for any help you can give me.



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