please help me with this?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by uk7867, Aug 3, 2008.

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  1. oath of allegiance,just wondering what is this this u do before u start basic and dont tell me its another pass/fail thing? like im off to selection soon
  2. Pass/fail thing? Put it like this, if you can read words off a sheet of paper, you've passed.
  3. It's nothing more than a promise, but you have to be able to recite it from memory.

    It goes:

    I promise to do my best,
    To do my duty,
    To God and to The Queen,
    To help other people,
    And to keep the Scout Law.

    I think.
  4. the oath is not pass or fail?
  5. Its just a few pages of A4 that you have to memorise with only 30 seconds reading time. Every error gets you an electric shock, each shock is a higher voltage than the previous one. If you die, or your hair catches fire, then you have failed and have to start again*. They also have you wired to a lie detector to check that you are speaking the truth.

    * except in cases of death, where you are excused and may go home to Mummy.
  6. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    Unless you scream 'Viva la revolution" at the end and ritually burn a picture of Liz while chanting anti-monarchist propaganda.

    At this point you will be dragged off to one side and asked whether you want to be a Laibour Politician.

  7. the above is true...i had a naughty tingling sensation during my oath.... but then again there were an alarming number of raf recruiting officers about the place that day..
  8. You clearly are not taking your application seriously if at this point you have no idea what the oath is..................
  9. Time to get serious.

    The Oath is nothing more than a promise that you'll obey orders and act in accordance with Queen's Regulations. You read it out loud from a sheet, so you don't need to memorise anything. Or you "repeat after me....."

    It's not a test. There's no fail. If you get it wrong (and somebody notices), you just have to read it again.

    Just a point: When you get to the bit about "...Her heirs and successors...", you pronounce the "H" in Her, but the "h" in "heirs" is silent. It's the only part that is a bit of a tongue-twister.
  10. Aye...brings back memories of when I was 17 and took my first Oath...when I said "Heirs" I pronounced it as "Hair's" and felt like a right plonker! I'm guessing this is a common error...I hope :)
  11. Coming from a part of the country where we didn't pronounce the initial H of any word, it caused me some trouble - well you do try to talk posh on formal occasions, don't you?

    Being nobbut a lad at the time, I'd never been to Hertford, Hereford or Hampshire - nor even experienced a 'urricane.