Please help me find my brother

BCDahling and Elnege, Good luck, I really, really hope his turns out well.

I so wanted to write something different there but didn't want to be accused of being a bit Grinchy or something.
Litotes - thank's for the tip, never even thought of sallyann...

Yep, my dad is on my birth certificate, and it has Germany on mine. As for a will, no idea.
one word of warning from personal experience- if the person you are searching for through Sally does not wish to be contacted- sally will not be on your side.
Whilst were on the reuniting mood I wonder if anyone can help me find my long lost SLUG.....Ive heard rumours she has been in Rehab for a few years after 24 years of alcohol abuse serving her majesty the Queen. Her last known where abouts was Darlington beating up tramps for their meths and resembles a twiglet....any help in finding her would be appreciated.....and by the way to the OP hope the reunion goes well.
I am indeed female...
Thanks for the confirmation.
Are you now officially reunited with your half-brother?
This is the sort of story that Breakfast TV shows love to cover.

I can see it now...

The Army Rumour Service website is usually known for upsetting Padres, minor celebrities and Senior Military leaders with it's risqué and near the knuckle humour... recently however the members of this site, have helped reunite '.... ...' and her brother..... etc etc.

Next stop for the siblings, a trip to Salford followed by a patronizing debrief by Bill or Charlie.

I'm there on Tuesday I might pitch it to the producers.
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