please help me find her

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jessicabeau1, Mar 23, 2008.

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  1. her name is Meg - dont know her last name she is from uk - wales or bristol I think, she is a doctor in the army and she is in Belize, can anyone help or does anyone know her, please please please help me. thanks :?
  2. take it your a lezzer.
    and she was good.
  3. Hi Jess

    its Meg here

    wow I didnt think I made that much of an impression on you

    I cant remember what I did with those mucky pics we took

    can you send me more

  4. Glad to help, but while we are at it can we find some old mates of mine? do you know taff he's a welsh bloke and jock he's from scotland! :roll:
  5. you've just missed her, not sure when shes back
  6. F*ck, thought this was another Maddie thread.
  7. no not a lezzer I am wanting to buy her horse. please help this isnt a joke
  8. Good luck with your search.
  9. you can buy mine it hangs between my legs.
  10. Try the Mod website, look at who is serving where and see if there are any unit contact details?
  11. She said "horse" not "hose" (or even "improbably small section of a child's drinking straw"...) :p
  12. I saw her on Youtube.
  13. "Oh your in the army. My cousin is in the army Steve *&^%$. He's on HMS Manchester or something... You know him?"

    No duff!
  14. If she is in Belize and her horse is in Wales,I hate to be the one to tell you Jessica but its probably starved to death by now,I should spend your money on some nail varnish or some other girly thing