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please help me about my medical form

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ive just recently signed up for a gp and they dont still have my medical records,just wondering on the back page it does give 2 options for my doctor
1.i fillied in by the applicants medical records or
2.each answer were eliced by interviewing the individual

that gave me a think that they dont require medical records (army) if u dont have them. and if i do it that option will they still ask for my medical records after? and if 1 or 2 i didnt gave correct info like hayfever i did'nt disclose because i cant remember if i had or not will they kick me out?even though i told them the truth but did'nt really remember.

or they wont bother with my medical records?
How the fcuk do you 'forget' if you have hayfever or not?

You are asking about flat feet, hayfever, trying to get in and wondering if they 'won't bother' about your med docs??

Jeeeezz, I think you'd be better off going for another career choice
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