Please help, Looking for family in Belfast

Please help. My Half Brother (w_a_n_k_e_r) walked out on his two children and their mother around 18 - 20 years ago. They were about 3-4 years old at the time. She then met a squaddie who took on the responsibility of bringing up the kids and giving them a home.

I would ask my half brother for contact details, but I wouldnt piss on him if he was on fire and I dont want to give him the pleasure of telling me to "fuckoff". He really is a bad peice of work!

I only have a vague description of my Niece and Nephew as I was only a child when I last saw them but the boy is called JOHN and the girl KATIE. They both had red or light brown hair and are in their mid 20s. The Mum is called ANITA, she had black Hair. They lived in Liverpool before moving to Belfast possibly to a barracks?

Their surname is distinctive. It begins with P and has a russian sound to it.

I know John joined the army, but I dont know if he is still in or has left.

If anybody was stationed in Belfast and recognises them, please contact me at:


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