Please Help ( Inbetween Traning )

Hello Every One

im hopefully startin my 24 weeks traning soon for the army but my family are bookin a holiday for the summer so jus woundered if any one nows if u get like a week or 2 off inbetween your traning, an if you do do you now how many weeks in ruffly.

Thanks Alot For Any Replys
Im not entirley sure .

But i don't think that would be allowed, from what I gather you are only granted personal holidays during training if there has been a family emergancy, or if you need to attend a funeral.

But im sure you get 2 weeks off after youre training before you go to phase 2 training, but not sure if thats the same for Infantry (should be)

As I say i could be wrong.
You prob wont know when you get time off until you start trg...and even then things chagne in the army at a drop of a hat so you may get little/no time off in between or dates may change at last I would personally sack the holiday and concentrate on getting into the army. Once in, take leave and then go on a family hboliday! :)
why the **** would you stick a family holiday in the middle of your army training

tell them theyll have to wait till your done lol
according to my acio they say that infantry will usually get 2 weeks off before phase 2 and this can be longer time off for other trades.
such as REME due to placements etc.

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