Please Help - Bipolar british citizen faces imminent execution in China

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Haile, Oct 19, 2009.

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  1. Ok I know that this won't interest everyone in here, but coming from a family with a history of bipolar, I have it as did my brother who killed himself last year because of it.

    There is a British citizen who is facing immenent execution in china due to drugs charges, however the chinese government are ignoring the fact that he appears to be bipolar and not responsible for his actions.

    If you can take the time to look at the link below and write to your MP this would be greatly appreciated

    P.S. The person who writes the best letter gets to take advantage of me next time I go high and my hypersexuality kicks in :wink:

  2. Do you do ****?
  3. Maybe they'll kill the "naughty" him?
  4. X is the best letter.
  5. When I get high enough I can pretty much be convinced anything is a good idea (thank god they didn't know about that when they gave me 30 soldiers, explosives, guns and missiles to play with)

    (bit like what seems to have happened to this poor bugger) :x
  6. I did not do it - it was him - pointing to himself
  7. Volunteered to carry a suitcase for a complete stranger.

    Carried it into what was well known to be a country with the death penalty and a limited understanding of due process without once looking inside before crossing the border.

    Tried the 'I was fitted up' card then moved seamlessly onto 'diminished responsibility' when that failed - can't have it both ways to my mind.

    Has had 2 years to come up with a convincing defence and hasn't. Only 'I'm a little bit mad, me'.

    This smacks more of desperation than a genuinely mitigating circumstance. It's not psychosis, BPD sufferers are still rational and accountable for their actions.
  8. And are you female before this goes terribly, terribly wrong for oil_slick?
  9. If you're female can you PM me your address please :p
  10. 1/ Anything that pompous tw*t Fry is in favour of I'm against.

    2/ Akmal broke the law and got caught so tough sh*t.

    3/ Will the execution be live on You Tube ?
  11. Clearly you haven't experienced a real manic episode or known someone suffering from schoolteacher mum heading down to the dodgy pubs at the harbour looking for some action certainly was a rational action, probably why she was then sectioned...being rational and accountable and all that.

    I didn't have huge expectations posting this in here, but if even one person takes the time to send an email then it was worth it.
  12. Last time I checked...though I have been thinking about giving being a bloke a guess the question is does he do **** :twisted:
  13. At least you can rest assured his (non-diseased) organs will benefit a few deserving chinese as soon as the judge says "Guilty, carry out sentence"
    ( I do not speak manadrin) Mr Take Him Round the Back and Plug him :twisted:

  14. You need to post a pic of yourself before we go any further. :wink:
  15. BPD is a nice bit of Yank Pharma marketing. Basically Schizophrenia lite, partially functional but really too up their own arse to be let out. He'd have been better going for the full on bull goose loony. Shows no better judgment than his career choices. His corpse will be harvested for organs shortly by eager party members.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.