PLEASE HELP BEEN WAITING SINCE APRIL! New Recruiting Year intake details!

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by JackS92, Nov 14, 2012.

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  1. Hi I was wondering if anybody has any idea as to when you would be allocated the new recruiting year (April 2013) intakes for Electronic Warfare Systems Operator can you only be allocated after April or can you be allocated before April for April onwards?

    If anyone has any sort of idea I'd appreciate it.

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  2. Are you for real
  3. unfortunately yes...
  4. Electronic Warfare Systems Operator they sound like people in IT
  5. Yeah I don't need information about the job its self thanks, just information regarding the question above
  6. I was a CFAV for a time, have you considered that as well? :)
  7. If you don't know just don't answer what's the need for the witty remarks, last time I checked this website was for information about the Army INCLUDING recruitment information or has that changed?
  8. Amongst other things...
  9. That may well be, but we don't hold the dates of every recruitment allocation for every job in the Army, that's what recruitment offices are for.
  10. You get allocated your spot when there's a spot free. They'll phone you out the blue to tell you or you'll get a letter, there's no magic formula as to how they do it.

    Recruiting offices seldom hold the crystal ball on when their candidates we'll be sent a date to start basic either - when I worked in one we simply received a phone call or email saying 'Joe Bloggs will start on XY date' and then we made every effort to inform them immediately to pass on the good news.

    It's a game of hurry up and wait I'm afraid, though do check with your local office to make sure there's been no setbacks etc.

    When it comes to the point where you've actually passed ADSC, ARRSE is f*** all use to you for information about the recruitment process as it's all handled from then on in places in which very few (if any at all) people on here have anything to do with.

    Secondly; perhaps not best to mouth off at people with a screen name which isn't great on the old PERSEC front. I know for a fact there's two or three ARRSErs who are Bowman instructors at your future training establishment, won't be hard to spot Sig Jack S. born in 1992, eh?
  11. Wibble. {I'll be you never saw that one coming.]

    Bat cat Boo.jpg
  12. Seriously do I have to start smacking the lot of you?

    Stay on topic, be constructive to the subject and be aware of the age group you are dealing with.
Thread Status:
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