Please help a mates daughter who has cancer.

I've known Taff for over 20 years since we were down the Falklands together.He's off down Afghanistan tonight & intends to raise money for little girls like Bethany,who has cancer for the second time & doing this on his down time.If you frequent the Tornado flightline,you might see him there.

I will shortly be deploying to Afghanistan for 4 months. During that time it is my intention to pedal 3500 km (on an exercise bike of course) to try and raise £3500. This is what it costs to send one child on the Dreamflight trip. For some children this will be the last trip they ever make. My daughter Bethany is currently fighting cancer for the second time and to see the look on her face and the looks on the faces of the other children as they walked up to the stairs to board the plane and when they returned is something I will never forget.
Taff Hibbs is fundraising for Dreamflight

you can text donate to 70070 type TAFF48 and the amount of your donation

Many thanks,



you can text donate to 70070 type TAFF48 and the amount of your donation

how easy is that!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Little update.

Bethany is in hospital at the moment,she was admitted after a check up & is in a lot of pain,not eating & being sick.Hayley,her mom,is absolutely threadders at the moment.

Thank you to all who have donated.
Donation sent via JustGiving, and BUMP!
Did what I could, hope every little bit helps.

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