Just finishing 18 months service with the Regulars in two Security sections (UK and Germany), returning to TA, looking for Int/Sy work in NW England. Also have Draughtsman/CAD experience, and I'm a generally nice chap.
Any takers?
CAD/Draughting in what Discipline ? Im Mechanical/Building Services might be able to help, PM me if you're interested.
Try Vero International Software UK Ltd (CADCAM Software developer) Gloucestershire, tel number in yellow pages. If you would prefer to work in a full engineering capacity they sell software to everyone so will be able to give you some pointers as to who in ther engineering industry are recruiting draughtsmen etc etc.

Speak to Emma in sales and say you spoke to Zoe. She will help you out. xxxxx
Im a pole dancer, if you fancy getting your hairy arrse slipping up and down in front of some salivating ladies PM me.

Yeah I know......

who you are!!

Message from Femme:
"I love you, miss you, want you in my life"


The boys at the 5th and 2nd Selection
Hey up bud, any luck finding that job yet?
I tried those websites you suggested when I was trying to get work, sadly to no avail (in this country anyway).
I signed back on and am still at the 5th so my hip flask and whiskey were wasted on me but it was nice to see you at my leaving do.
I think i'll try that one next year aswell, this lot give good presents.
If you get bored and want a chat, you know where we are.

P.S you should try on of FNB's pole dances, as Tony the tiger said, they're Grrrrrrrreat!
Har har!

You can come back bro, we miss you!

And your little white panties... 8)
I'll have a quarter pounder with cheese, medium fries and a vanilla shake please.
Filbert Fox said:
I'll have a quarter pounder with cheese, medium fries and a vanilla shake please.
The joke being?? :?


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