Please dont sack Martin Jol

Total utter arrse result today against our North London neighbours, but still not a good reason to get rid of the big Dutchman.

Here's hoping that Levy does not do the evil deed. Keep Jol I say and for f*cks sake can someone teach our strikers to at least have a shot when one on one?????

Berbatov, Keane and Bent WTF!!!!!
Yep Spurs are 17th and the Arrse are top of the league.

Fortunately being a Yid I am used to such trials and tribulations. We will bounce back, but I fear we may have already scuppered any chance we had of Champions League.


Despite this I would wager that it will be us chasing Europe and you running from relegation in May 08.

Here's hoping that M Jols blue and white Army start putting them away sometime soon


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