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Outrageous, absolutely outrageous.

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Tennants? Tennants?? Are we saying that ex-Doctor Who’s are somehow impacted by a Russian hack power outage at Arrse towers?

And to think we trusted these people to lead us into battle. It seems that there is nothing for it, but to offer my services to our blessed COs as an editor for, let’s say, a measly £100g PA. Part time of course.

It has to be worth it to save anymore embarrassment.

You may be posting in the wrong thread.


You may be posting in the wrong thread.
You’re right, thanks mate.

I thought that there was a thread called ‘site issues’, but it seems it’s a master thread with numerous thread underlings.

Anyway, post deleted, as there doesn’t seem to be anywhere appropriate to post gentle ribbing of the COs’ spelling atrocities.

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