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Weirdly when I right clicked on the avtar it came up with @DesktopCommando who definitely is not producing these messages, so there seems to be something odd going on beyond just the spam. Looks like an attempt to hijack existing acounts! I flagged up a similar event recently.

Below is a screen grab to explain what I mean. Looks like an attept to hijack an account. If they can do that , what else can they do?

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It’s because I replied after reporting them to let others know it was done -now can I interest you in Ladyboy University ?
As a matter of interest (I'm not trawling through 444 pages to check) is there a purpose to spamming this site relentlessly?

I get the idea for adverising but equally appreciate it can be usely maliciously as people tend to reject the promoted product of the spam. I also understand it can be used to bring down servers, used as clickbait to hack user accounts for identity theft due to password duplicity, etc., but this latest bout of spam seems pointless given the dwell time to deletion.
Cheers. One can only assume they must need to register on hundeds of sites and make thousands of decoy posts before postiing a url and then several more thousand before someone inadvertantly clicks on a url.

Appreciate they must employ bots where possible but the conversion of effort to revenue must be piss poor. I use a database of about twenty odd mickey mouse questions for those wishing to register and don't let users post urls until they've made a good number of posts. I also have no qualms blocking IP addresses from entire countries that contribute nothing but spam, it seems to limit novichok attacks.

Possibly this site's high Google rating and volume of contributors makes it more attractive and worth the effort.


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All done. ******* are in the wire.........



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