Please don't respond to spammers

In the meantime, how about some lucky mods are dicked for "spam stag"? .:smile: .The Yellow Peril always seem to hit us in the early hours when there's no-one around to zap them.

I'm in Australia, I normally see these spam bots kicking off while you lot are asleep and can't do much more than a "Report" which doesn't stop posts from being created.

Captcha's are a good idea when creating an account, that and a limit to the amount of posts a newly created user can post in a day like I've seen on other forums

Another one kicking off now

7 posts as of writing this

EDIT: Just looked at this jokers profile again. Now up to 38 posts. The "Report" button has only just shown up so I could flag him as a spammer. Why doesn't the "Report" button show up immediately on the users profile page?
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They're bloody everywhere!

Top tip to unclog your screen of ching chong heeyaa: Ignore the user. Refresh screen. Bing! Chicken flie lice gone.
You're being spammed yet again by Chicoms

why not change your board so only after a few response posts someone can make a thread? this is getting to be a sad joke of a once good board

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