Please don't respond to spammers

They're bloody everywhere!

Top tip to unclog your screen of ching chong heeyaa: Ignore the user. Refresh screen. Bing! Chicken flie lice gone.
You're being spammed yet again by Chicoms

why not change your board so only after a few response posts someone can make a thread? this is getting to be a sad joke of a once good board
I tried the Slug's way of dealing with the Chicom Spam bots and much to my surprise, it works. Whenever the attack starts and the board fills up with ting tong characters, I simply click on the current user name that the spam bot has adopted and set it to be ignored. Then I refresh the page and hey presto, all the posts with ting-tong characters are gone. Who knew? Kudos to the shiny arrse for thinking up a way to deal with the Chicom spam bots that infest our board over the nighttime until the grown-ups figure out a more permanent solution. :mrgreen::salut:


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