Please don't respond to spammers

It's quick for me to delete posts, but it takes longer to delete threads. So please don't answer spammers, it only gives them more limelight, clutters the front page more and makes my and the mods' lives more difficult.

That also goes for Yannie etc.

Just like to say thanks to the Mods for getting on board the spammer in a timely fashion. Lets hope that’s an end to it.
I just cleared up the rest (after scrweing the site up for a few minutes - sorry). Funily enough a load of people had promoted out spammers wares by posting in his thread so keeping it alive and on the front page. Nice move.
The old thread seems to have hung itself in shame. Anyway ...



First post and all that.

Ditch or merge this once you've done the trivial thing I stupidly forgot to do to find the old thread!

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