Please Dont put you rubbish in bins provided!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by drain_sniffer, Mar 10, 2006.

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  1. If they tracked him down by the address on the junk mail, then he should be fined for being a complete doorknob.

    He is throwing out rubbish that is the prime cause of identity fraud, and quite frankly someone should have opened a credit card in his name and fleeced him.
  2. I agree with you Vimeiro but the Council are complete jobsworth cnuts too IMHO!
  3. I say we should just leave rubbish on the street.
  4. Thanks Andy Tierney I'm now off to the Caribbean thanks to your credit statement, I'll be enjoying a glass of the wine of the month while reading the book of the month but I still haven't worked out what to do with the free Tampax sample. I'll just sit here, wait for the invasion and get a bit of a tan before the fun starts.
  5. A London Council tried this one on with me, oooooh, ten or eleven years ago!

    They'd found a letter addressed to my then flat-mate with some domestic rubbish so the council sent a "Warning of Proceedings" letter or something to us. They of course have access to your council tax records and know exactly who you are. As far as I knew neither of us had put it there.

    So I wrote a lawerly-sounding letter back asking them to prove that, on the balance of probabilities, it was either myself or my flatmate who had dumped the junk mail, not least because our flat had a communal entrance. I also told them that I would fight any proceedings and was looking forward to my day in court.

    Not surprisingly I never heard another thing from them.

    Having said that, the level of petty officialdom intruding on our everyday lives under this government is getting increasingly bizarre in a low-rent, Brazil type way.
  6. My green recycling bin was left un-emptied on Wednesday, with a sticker on the lid saying that the contents had been contaminated with .............................cardboard. I think I'll put it into sacks and fly tip it in a layby.
  7. Had the same problem with bottles. Put all my bottles out on recycling day (there were alot i can tell you) didnt have a proper plastic box so put them in cardboard box thinking if they take the bottles then the box can go too recycling and all that, but oh no, bottles left but box went ??????
  8. So, next time i dispose of some fast food / sweet wrappers in a public litter bin, i will be fined for it being 'domestic waste' yet if i drop it on the streets, i will be fined for where am i meant to dispose of it??
  9. A few yeats back there was the case of a pub landlord who kindly allowed the council to put its bottle bank on the pub carpark. The council found out that he was putting his empties in the bottle bank and ask him kindly to desist. The council gets a subsidy for recycling domestic waste but not commercial. So now the pub's empties go in the landfill. We'll get there one day.