Please dont let McClaren replace McCleish!!!

I think the new Jock mananger (whoever he is) should also be part time England manager....after all if it's alright for Swiss Tony....!!!???
jockmod69 said:
I think Coisty or Roy Aitken will be the next Scotland manager.

Any thoughts?
Yeah - WTF is Big Eck thinking? He had a chance to take Scotland to the World Cup! Instead he's going to manange a second-rate Priemership team?! I could understand if he'd been offered a team with a serious chance of the title. But fcuking Brum... 8O

I wish him well, though. He did exceptionally well with limited resources to get Scotland so near to Euro 2008.

All the Best, Big Man. You will be missed... :(
At least his name is more suited to the role than Herr Vogts

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