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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by DanWilkie, Apr 3, 2007.

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  1. Hello all,

    Before I say anything, I should point out that I am not a serving soldier (yet) - so if anything I say is wrong go easy on me :p I have however taken the first step and went into the careers office on Monday to get my application pack, and intend to have it in by Thursday - only a small step but I feel none the less an important one.

    Anyway, enough about me...

    Its a simple question that I have really. I am planning on joining the Signals as it was recommended to me by the careers officer. I've done some research and have a couple of idea's about what I'd like to do, and areas where my IT background might be useful, but I thought I'd ask people who actually do the job for a living for their ideas. Daft as it sounds, I'd rather like to do something that involves working on the front lines rather than in a communications centre in Germany or something like that (I would try to explain why, but I can't really put it into words - possibly because I don't understand myself but its just where I feel drawn towards), but they don't really give you an idea of whether the job entails that kind of thing on the army website.

    Secondly, at 24 :)o) am I likely to be referred to as "Grandad" by all the other new recruits? It doesn't bother me, I'm just curious as to whether I am unusually old to consider the Army as a career ( I should have done it long ago, but thats my failing!)

    Anyway, I'm sure I'll have plenty more questions as I progress through the recruitment process, but thanks for taking the time to look at this :)
  2. Welcome Dan.
    The only advice I can give you is do what job YOU want to do & not what the recruiting officer tries pushing you for. Have you concidered learning a new trade away from IT ? The opportunities are there for you !!! Its been a long time since I left so cant answer any Q,s you may have about how the Sigs work now (its a completley diffrent ball game from my Cold war Warrior days) . Whatever you do tho,, good luck.

  3. Cheers, I had thought about a different trade as I am getting kind of fed up with IT to be honest, indeed I initially had my heart set on the infantry but I could see the point he was making about going for a trade and it does make sense. The thing is that, as I say, I really want something "in the thick of it" which the majority of trades don't seem to include. Hence I was thinking of the infantry.

    Choice is definately a bad thing ;)
  4. Join the Royal Engineers best corps there is IMHO
  5. The Engineers is a good idea .... but another thought: If you want to be involved with comms AND be in the thick of it then join an infantry regiment but concentrate on getting into the comms section .... used to be called the signal platoon. Best (?) of both worlds if you want comms+some action.

    Best of luck ... and don't worry about the age thing as it's not an issue.
  6. There you go Dan, ..... If you are fed up with IT now & you have your heart set on Inf , Go Inf. Then again, there are other arms who can end up in the thick of things ( If that really floats your boat) & you can get a trade. The Royal Engineers is one who springs to mind. As I said before tho , things have changed now & any soldier in any arm can find themselves getting loud, down & dirty in todays conflicts. The front line is not as clear cut nowadays. You are afterall a soldier 1st & tradesman 2nd.

  7. Aim to come out of the services with a trade that will stand you in good stead for a second career (or third + at 24) when you have finished your time.

    At 24 you should have a reasonable idea of life by now and what you expect to get from the military. Put that down in words here and see what folk have to say regarding your career thoughts.

    You will no doubt be ragged etc but you will also get the benefit of a wealth of experience - cut the wheat from the chaff and sort out the way you wish to go forward.

    My tuppence worth is not to join the infantry - you can get a trade and play soldiers later on if you wish.

    Job done
  8. Dan,

    Because of the way the military works now, you will find signals guys at all points in any conflict. They can be found in the command bunkers in UK to SAS missions in smelly and very dodgy areas. IIRC only the signals offers the whole range of specialities from rear base, green army, armour, para, commando and SF. I know IT Engineers who spent a considerable amount of their time in AFG and Iraq in platoon houses and forward bases, and EW is similar.

    Once you are in, the choice is largely yours.

    You may be surprised how many of the 'older' recruits join the signals, and you certainly won't be out of place.

  9. HAGAR makes a good point. Try to cast your mind forward and decide what you want life to hold for you when you leave the forces.

    Then, try to match your trade/training to prepare you for that.

    Don't worry about the action side of things too much. The way things are going there will be plenty of that for everybody, and more.
  10. as echoed before you really can try to steer your career towards one type or another, if getting in the thick of it is your bag then make yourself known and the opportunity may arise.... however you may just endup in a commcen in germany. these things happen. and will in the engineers or inf too. for example you maybe steered to where your regiment needs you most not your own personal preference
  11. Wow, thanks for all the quick responses :) Its pretty hard for me to cast my mind that far forward at the moment as I am planning on doing a full 22 years (I know, he'll never stick it you all think... :p) Also Easy, I understand your point about being assigned wherever and I'm more than prepared to do it, its just I'd "preferably" not be stuck in Germany or sommat ;) Hagar, fair points throughout, the engineers were something I hadn't considered (I mistakenly thought that all they did was build things out of duck tape and pipe cleaners like a large scale blue peter ;)) - having looked into it a bit further it certainly looks like it ticks all the boxes, as does signals. Hmmm. Decisions decisions.

    As for my reasons for wanted to join the Army, I'll try and explain. Go easy on me though, its not something I can quantify easily. Firstly, its not for the money (something people in IT find hard to grasp from experience) - I'll be taking a £10k paycut for this but for me I'm looking for something more from life and I feel the army can give it. I suppose it partly comes from my family, practically every bloke (and some birds) in my family have served in the forces (though mostly as matelots, they'd be spinning in their graves!) and so I suppose partly I feel that I should do my bit as well. Its more than that though. From seeing everybody I work with, I always feel like most people nowadays fail to achieve anything of import from their lives, and seem to function with the sole purpose of financial gain. When I'm dead and gone, I want people to think "That Dan, he was a good lad. Not afraid to stand up and do his bit for his country". It sounds impossibly sad I know, but those kind of things are important to me. So many people have given there lives over the years (and still are now) to shape the world we live in, and it seems precious few people nowadays are prepared to stand alongside them.

    I suppose it comes from a saying I've often heard (firstly from my Grandad I think) - all it takes for evil to prosper is for good men to do nothing. I can't remember who said it originally, but I like to think I'm a good man, and I'm kind of fed up of standing back and doing nothing.

    Hopefully that all makes sense (it IS 11:30 on a schoolnight, and I have been out till 3ish the last two nights... :p), my flame retardant suit is now fully on so fire away!
  12. :clap: :clap: :clap:


    Welcome and I hope that all of the above is a result of a successful night on the lash.

    If not, try not to be such a cheeseball when you join mate, there's a good lad.

    You brought a tear to my eye though I can tell you.
  13. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    If you are fit you will find lots of options in the signals to be more "actively" involved via specialist units. Other options exist in more specialist roles if you have certain aptitudes.
    For now just think about getting a year or two under your belt, and learn to perhaps keep some of your thoughts to yourself..... :wink:
  14. lol - night (and afternoon) on the lash + latter stages of sleep deprivation are a bad combination :p

    I did warn you all though, fair and square!

    Basically, to sum up (soberly) what I was trying to say, I want to do something worthwhile and feel like I've achieved something with my life.

    Now where's the delete post button :oops:
  15. A good post, roadster.

    I would question the bit about commcens though. Haven't most of these been replaced by little IT-based messaging systems. Aren't the remaining ones manned largely by civvies? I could be wrong of course.