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Please caption these for me!!

Pic 1

Bloke on right thinks "FFS Kill me before i die of boredom"

Pic 2

"Excuse me, can I interupt the midgit throwing for a second? One of the little fuckers has landed in my beer"
Bloke on right thinks

"Oh for fuck sake, why the hell did I sit next to this twat?"

"I hope that sushi is poisoned"

"please God, strike me down"
picture 1
gods honest mate you rub it on your head and it stimulates your hair folicles that's why muffz always smell fishy.
picture 2
faced with the prospect of drinking everyone's pi55 in a vase walters hair stood on end betraying his nonchalant smile :D
Pic 1: 'No wonder you've got moobs eating shi'ite like that.'

Pic 2: As the lads finished there meal and washed it down, the bartender added his 'special sauce' to the dessert.
Pic 1: Seriously… you can see its c0ck!

Pic 2: Filled it up in one go…please can I have my good boy chocolate now?
First pic: Bloke on the right saying "If you're gonna down that load of crap, you'll end up with multi-coloured shite in the morning".

Second pic: "Cheers..... for having tits bigger than my mams"

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