Please caption these for me!!


Hi Guy's,

I have been challenged to caption these photo's taken on a recent busuiness trip to Portugal. Please help. All captions welcome.


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pic 1

"have you ate all the pies then fella????"


War Hero
Pic 1

Bloke on right thinks "FFS Kill me before i die of boredom"

Pic 2

"Excuse me, can I interupt the midgit throwing for a second? One of the little ******* has landed in my beer"


War Hero
Bloke on right thinks

"Oh for **** sake, why the hell did I sit next to this twat?"

"I hope that sushi is poisoned"

"please God, strike me down"
Pic 1. Don't drink that stuff in the glass. Look what it's done to the prawns.

Pic 2. I've just posted off my application for British Airways.
picture 1
gods honest mate you rub it on your head and it stimulates your hair folicles that's why muffz always smell fishy.
picture 2
faced with the prospect of drinking everyone's pi55 in a vase walters hair stood on end betraying his nonchalant smile :D
Pic 1......

Nice head...... hows the khemo going, and can Hong Kong phooey have his jacket back please you cancer addled cnut
Pic 1: 'No wonder you've got moobs eating shi'ite like that.'

Pic 2: As the lads finished there meal and washed it down, the bartender added his 'special sauce' to the dessert.
Photo Two - After 22 years as a Transexual, Maxinia got into the habit of ordering drinks in large glasses to make his/her hands look small.


Pic 1: Seriously… you can see its c0ck!

Pic 2: Filled it up in one go…please can I have my good boy chocolate now?


First pic: Bloke on the right saying "If you're gonna down that load of crap, you'll end up with multi-coloured shite in the morning".

Second pic: "Cheers..... for having tits bigger than my mams"

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