Please can anyone give me some advice? im gutted :(

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by SierraTango123, Sep 17, 2011.

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  1. HI

    My application has been deferred, just read the letter this afternoon! im absolutely gutted and i feel like crying right now. The reason for this is medical and im quite surprised i would be deferred for this. Let me explain it fully....

    So july this year i was getting really stressed out at work for ages and just had enough of the place basically, i cant stand been stuck in an office all day everyday, any longer!! and after enduring it for a long time i started to feel low and down and just assumed it was a case of mild depression from long term work stress so i went to my doctor about it, i dont really know why but at the time it seemed like a good idea! jesus was i wrong! the thing is i feel 100% healthy in everyway now! he gave me some tablets to help me but i only had a few of them, they made me feel sick and weird so i never ever took them again after about 4! i then had 1.5 weeks off work which he signed me off for. I then thought sod it lets get back to real life and carry on so i did just that, went back to work carried on as normal and not had 1 day off since, i go to the gym a lot and i enjoy swimming which i do at my gym also, i do jogging and have been practicing for the 1.5 mile run at pre-selection like hell!! my muscles are aching as we speak from the run i did last night. As far as im concerned my life has just gone back to completely normal and i feel healthy in every possible way!!! the letter says i can appeal this decision, but is it likely that my appeal will help me? the thing im most concerned about is, my medical records wil just look like im still on medication when this is not the case, but i dont know how to collect evidence to support this, surely there must be some record that i hadnt collected these tablets from any pharmacy or doctors? im actually abit confused because it says that i can appeal, but somewhere in the letter it says i have to wait two years? this is what the letter says exactly...

    Dear ************
    i regret to inform you that after reviewing your medical history you do not currently meet the Army entry medical standards. However you may be elegible after a period of defferal. The reason for deferral of your application on medical grounds is due to your history of depression for which you are currently on treatment. (not true !!! :spiderman:)

    You may reapply when you can meet the following criteria: Two years stable mental health without treatment including medication and/or counselling. Your application will require supporting evidence from your GP, which you will need to include at the appropriate time.
    Then it goes on to explain more about depression and grades me as S2:Suitable, the other one is S8:permanently Unsuitable. The S2 grading says this: These indicate that candidates with a diagnosis of mild or moderate depressive episodes with good evidence of preceding stressors may normally be graded S2 provided that the condition resolved itself within 12 weeks and at least two years have ellapsed since the the candidate was completely well and off medication. Two episodes require a deferall of four years. A history of three episodes or more, even with clear stressors, indicates excessive vulnerability and these conditions should be graded S8.

    I understand this is a dissapointment for you and i am sorry that your application has been unsuccesfull at this time.

    *You have the right to appeal against this decision* but this must be support by medical evidence or the appeal may be automatically rejected. We regret that we are not able to respond to letters that do not contain any new information.

    I look forward to your reapplication.
    Yours sincerely

    Dr someone
    Medical Officer

    When replying please reply to the senior medical officer.

    and thats it. so my plan next is to appeal like hell!! and make an appointment with my doctor ASAP to get some back up information, i will explain the fact im not on any medication becuase they made me ill and that evryhting is back to normal and this is the first time i ever had this. i dont feel like i was clinically depressed or anything.. Hopefully they will just give me a chance, i am willing to undergo and medical evalutation by the army staff or even pay for some sort of evaluation myself privately.

    Hopefully someone can give me some advice and maybe other potential recruits will find this one day and it help them too.

    Good luck to anyone else applying at the moment.

  2. Oh, forgot to point out that on my medical form my Doctor did write "Mild depression due to long term work stress" so they will know im telling the truth.
  3. How about you wait till you're two years free of any meds or counseling?
  4. Don't worry, the Army is not that good anyway.
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  5. Yes i could, but if im 100% fit and can get proof of this, i would at least like to try and appeal!! Two years isnt really that long, but i really want this ASAP.
  6. youre prone to work stress, its not a failing its just who you are, youll be as prone to it in the army as anywhere else, (if not moreso.)
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  7. my mate had the same problem, you have to look at it from the army's point of view.

    1. you were signed off work for depression, not many people are going to hand you a gun. were signed off for work stress, in an office, i can only guess that their thoughts are 'signed off for stress in an office, what happens if we send him to afghan, where you sleep for just 3 hours a day for 6 weeks and get into serious stress problems'
    3. if you really want to be in the army mate you can try to appeal, but maybe waiting the two years is worth it, train harder, come back stronger.

    Its shitty I know, but they wont go handing guns to anyone with depression problems. even if you do claim to be fit and healthy
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  8. Yes i see your points. Let me explain about the office a bit more though. Its not the work i do that became stressfull, its the fact i feel trapped just sat at my desk everyday in a hot, dry, stuffy horrible atmosphere when i want to be doing something outside, something that means something to me and is worth while. I have wanted to join for many years but everytime i mentioned it to my partner she said i was stupid and reckless. Then i recently thought f*** her im doing what i want to really do. Im writing my appeal letter right now, and making an appointment with my Doctor on monday morning. Im not giving up on this just yet.
  9. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    If your getting stressed in an office environment FFS you' ll be great in a FOB under fire
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  10. 3 months every two years on ex, 3 months every two years for PDT with a couple of weeks on MRX and PDT, 6 Months on tour. do thats less than 12 months doin the stuff in the adverts, the rest of it........ dulll as **** sat in a camp in a forlorn corner of the UK doing mundane crap.

    - youll get just as depressed in the army. .
  11. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    If you want the real SP go and have a word with someone at the ACIO.
  12. You might not be under the care of a doctor or taking medication for this any more however, unless you are clear by Army standards, I'm not sure how long that is for depression*, then you will still be classed as currently unfit for military service.

    * Think it's about two years but I'm not too sure.
  13. ST,

    If I was your troop sergeant and you turned up for basic, I would be in the MO office, asking you to be removed. Sorry I have a duty to the soldiers under my care including yourself. I would not be happy with you handling weapons, leaving you alone and interacting with other recruits.

    You would be classed as a act risk student, I would make it my mission that you were discharged, back squadded out of my troop. There has been lots of soldiers that have slipped through the net, often costing the army in time and medical care, a student who would have been suitable and cost effective would lost a place to you. Sometimes a student will try and take there own life, look at the word soldier, it means to strive,endure hardship. In training I would give you hardship and enduring conditions, to character build you into being a soldier. If a student has a mental health condition it makes that training extremely hard. Now imagine slipping through the net and ending up in Afghanistan where the conditions of service are primeval at best. You would last the tour, as a mental health medevac, a traumatic medevac, or dead. That is the best possible outcome, your actions/inaction could cost someones, father/husband/brother/wife/sister/mother life.

    The army has deemed you not suitable for service for two years. Dont try and fight the system, its like an elephant it wont forget.

    Now its not all doom and gloom and two years is not a long time, trust me, do something with yourself. Do voluntary work, do charity work, work on your fitness join in with sport orientated activities. Learn teamwork become a leader. Do not dwell on the army (it is not a pleasant place to be anymore, in the last 18 years the last four have been hell). If you go and push yourself, physically, mentally doing volunteer work it will help you as a person, and in two years medication free and mental health clear, the Army would be happy to help you. As you have been seen as helping yourself and others, qualities the army likes.

    And it took me two years of hard work to join, as there was no posts available for the trade I was going in to. I became a volunteer and it was the best experience of my life which made me a more well rounded person when I stepped over the front gate at Pirbright.

    Good luck

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  14. if it bothers you that much join the TA, you'll probably get to to go on tour inside of 6 months and if your depression resurfaces your not tied to the army and its not tied to you (it means they cna stick you in straght jacket and send you home nice n fast) but try joining a meaning full branch like stackers, where you wont end up in a combat stress location and just be one of the faceless minions loafing around some great place like camp bastion, where you wont endanger anyone who is with you what with not getting a gun unless your going out n about anyway.
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  15. Speak to your doc and tell him how you feel. He'll gauge the conversation you have with him and act accordingly-either helping you with your appeal or advising you to wait out for 24 months.
    Get the appeal ready and take all Army correspondence with you to your quacks appt. He may(MAY) write you a decent appeal letter-if he thinks your overyour depression.
    Good luck.Don't worry.
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