Come on you lot.... stuck at £400 now. More to the point, I only count about 23 INDIVIDUAL bidders....


And remember, it's out of my pocket, not yours (unless you're as generous as Tubby of course :wink: )

Here's one of the "sub-lots" as an incentive for you ........


Here's the EBay page again if yer too lazy to go back to page one ;)
Thanks to all bidders so far. Gonna pull the listing tomorrow, so anyone want a last minute shot, now's the time.

T says if she reaches 250K she might just let me complete the auction btw, so go for it - I could do with the commission!! :p

Oh, here's the other hell-hound for y'all....

What do we get for our £2.5k? ;)
You get the pleasure of bringing a smile to someone's face, the satisfaction of helping the GPRA and, above all, the chance to spoil my 100% positive feedback when I don't send the goods :roll:

Item will be withdrawn by the end of today, so GET EM IN!!!!! Surely she's worth at least £1k someone??? Specially as you won't have to pay!
If you know anyone who's got one (maybe one of the previous bidders?) get em to place one & PM me their EBay ID (don't need username on here) so I know it's a separate bid when I add em up at the end. Can't do myself cos can't bid on my own items.
Come on lads and lasses that haven't posted a bid. What are you waiting for? This won't cost you a penny and helps the GPRA out.

This is an excellent chance to give to a very good charity without dipping your hand in your pockets. You also have the chance to make me and LJH suffer. :D
OK, gonna be pulling the listing in about 5 minutes, so anyone who feels like putting the biggest bid of their life on EBay, and not having to honour it, do it NOW before I finish my coffee :p

And thanks to all who have, will work out the final score shortly & let y'all know.
Fcuking outstanding guys! can't end while she's rising like this - up 9 grand in 10 minutes, bloody marvellous :lol:
Right, the auction is OVER!

Thanks to all who got in the spirit - final price was a staggering £10300 to, well you know who you are :lol:

Only had 12 PMs confirming bids, which can't be right, so will go back through the bid history (yes, I DID remember to save it before ending the listing ;)) and try to make sense of who was who.

For those who give a shít, Tina's out of hospital for now, and feeling a lot better.

And the dogs are glad to be home - how was I supposed to know I was meant to walk them & not feed them extra hot chilli??? :oops:
Glad Tina's out of Hospital. I did bid. If you PM me your paypal ID I'll send you a fiver over to go towards the GPR fund.
Thanks for the offer, Armourer. MDN already has account details set up HERE, so anyone willing to donate please pay in direct to that.

Reading back over his thread, getting close to the July target date, so please please please help if you can!

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