Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Little Jack H, Jun 5, 2005.

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  1. Ok, maybe this should be in the EBay thread, but can't see a way to keep it visible in there. The story is....

    A few weeks ago I posted about a member of the GPR I had the honour to meet.

    His daughter has just been admitted to hospital for the 4th time since the start of April for what should have been a routine op, as a result to (mostly) NHS cock-ups.

    The last two admissions she's found herself on "E" bay of the same ward and, with commendable humour in the circumstances (which I won't post full details of), she's commented that no one seems to be bidding on her despite the re-listing.

    So, PLEASE, if you have an EBay registration, check and bid on this item....

    I will NOT hold any bidder to their bid (If I try, you can use this thread as a defence:) )

    I WILL withdraw the item before completion so no bidder can be held responsible for their bids (again, this thread)

    I WILL pay £1.00 to the GPRA (via MDN) for every individual bidder from this site who places a bid, up to £100.

    If this works it will give the daughter of a true hero, who has been through some very tough times, a very big smile. And no, she doesn't know I'm trying to sell her on EBay :lol:

    A few notes....

    If you do bid, please increase by "reasonable" amounts - start putting million pound bids on & EBay will notice.

    If you do bid, please PM me so I know how much I'm gonna end up paying the pilots... feel free to copy your PM to MDN as verification (MDN - the's a bitt presumptuous but it's 0322 hrs & I hope you'll accept the extra trickle of people talking to you :p )

    Whether or not you bid, please add to this thread so it stays where people will notice. It's in a good cause (for the GPR and for the "lot") and if the mods want to delete it once the result is in that's fine, but let it run till then.

    Failing that, ignore or delete this as it stands and sod both the GPR and the daughter of one of it's members ;)

    I'm getting my chequebook ready now......


    PS - if you make a bid and would like to honour part of it, please PM MDN for details of how to donate to the GPRA.

    Made sticky by MiB
  2. just put a bid on, hopefully will help
  3. Just added a bid for you, hope it helps

  4. me too
  5. Happy to bid old chap - price now up to £43. (Excellent value I think)
  6. Me bid, upto £60 now.
  7. just bid £70 hope that helps mate
  8. back to top as promised.
  9. I would have bid £80, but someone has nicked dalethesnail already!!!! Buggers!!!!
  10. Bid added up to £80 now
  11. 85 smackeroos bid!
  12. Thanks for bids so far you lot! Have been checking PMs and looking sadly at my wallet this morning :lol: Will be visiting this afternoon & confessing to trying to sell her arrse :oops: :oops: :oops:

    Thanks also to whichever nice MOD type person made this sticky - much appreciated!

  13. Reckon Schindler got an autobid on up to at least £100. I put 2 bids in to £99 LJH. Cheque book at the ready.
  14. That would be me then...

    If you let me know how much the total of bidders comes to I will match it - or, if funds allow, match my maximum bid.

    I actually kind of like the idea of buying a woman though :D
  15. Its the only way you get sex. I have actually met Tina - and no - she does not take it up the bum.