Pleasant walks

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by llech, Jun 5, 2012.

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  1. Place called Cwmorthin by Blaenau Ffestiniog, it truly is a hidden valley stunning in it's beauty and usually empty 'cept for the odd crow with you can hear it's wings flap accross the valley on still day.
  2. Been to the abandoned quarry, in that area ..... Dorothea, a few times to dive the lake.

    Awesome place.
  3. Up there week after next with her in, thanks for the info. Looks at map and shudders, I'm near Brecon and most but not all climby things are rounded around here!
  4. Thats not pleasant, its incredibly spectacular! I live in the Wye valley down south ~ thats pleasant. I always think of the NorthWales walks how stunning in a rugged way they are, and the industrialisation bit of the places just reinforces that....
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  5. There is a lovely walk in the lakes - can't remember the name (been many years) - which takes in a lake hidden from view on 3 sides. Very quiet, as its off the beaten path a bit.
  6. The Welsh lakes?
  7. Fair one - missed that this was the Welsh part. I meant the proper Lakes, Cumbria way...

  8. (My Bold) With you on that.
  9. Those crows are generally ravens. Nice place, like France, shame about the people....
  10. Blaenau Ffistifudd twin town is Glamoc, something to do with the high levels of lead in the water not to mention only one bloke getting all the Fathers day cards.

    Don't forget your locking wheel nuts and interlocking claymores for the parking above the Lakeside cafe and a add time to visit to the Kebab house on the newly renovated High Street for a Blaenau special.

    For anyone rebuilding a Dakota there are still a few bits here

    Bring a shovel a company of Ghurkas and add a couple of days to your routecard.......
  11. You forgot the former Iraqi special forces chap who runs the Bakery.

    Anyone who turns up in Blaenau on the weekend please feel free to PM me and have the "tour" of the Moelwyn's.
  12. OK I'll bite........and some Choughs. Right about the friendly welcome though!
  13. Been there done that now and llech many thanks for the pointer; beat this, the sun was out and it is truly spectacular. The silence was as you said, magic.