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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vinniethemanxcat, Jun 5, 2012.

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  1. All the years I've lived here and I've missed a really good one.

    Apart from longer trips up or down the coast, we like to have a few that can be reached in maybe, half an hour, just for a breath of sea air.

    From Durham, we've gone to Sunderland, South Shields, Seaham, Crimdon and the Headland at Hartlepool, but missed out the North Shore at Hartlepool.

    Went there today, just before the Headland, turn left till you reach the seafront, then left again and park.

    There's a lovely stretch of white sand going all the way to Crimdon, so potentially, you could do a round trip of close to 10 miles...... and it was virtually deserted!



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  2. Is that where they "Got " carter?
  3. No, that was a few miles north around Horden/ Easington.

    Again, once blighted by industry, now reclaimed and slowly returning to nature with the help of the National Trust and other agencies..... you can now walk a coastal footpath from Hartlepool to Sunderland.
  4. We rent a house in South shields as my partner works in Newcastle, loads of great walks for the dog.

  5. Have you tried Seaton Sluice.... go in the morning, drive through to go walking along the sand dunes, park up about a mile up where you can see the toilets, then through to the beach, but I think there are summer restrictions on dogs.

    Back to the village for lunch.... we usually eat in the Waterford Arms, but I believe the other one near the cliffs is good too.

    Drive through Seaham, past the new precinct, then at the big roundabout, there's a small road off to the left.... follow it to the car park, then along the cliff tops, lovely walk, and there's lots of rabbits for the hound to annoy.... go back along the seafront, there's a superb ice- cream parlour and a few doors away a good cafe. A mile further on on the left is a new housing estate, with a pub, The Crow's Nest.... food is excellent.

    That beach in Hartlepool is lovely, no dog restrictions, then drive back around the Headland, there are a couple of good chippies and a few pubs that sell food.
  6. I don't remember the names I just walk.
  7. A nice two day walk is from Alnmouth to Bamburgh ... did it many years ago with my son ... it is in the book " Walks on the Northumberland Coast " . We camped at High Newton and had a meal in the village Pub . We picked the dates carefully to ensure tides were out during the main walking times ... flat ... spectacular beaches ... impossible to get lost ... just keep the sea on the left .... sorry right ... that's right .

    The book contains many shorter walks ... superb area .
  8. My grown- up daughters came for a 5 day visit, so yesterday we took them to Saltburn.... a Victorian gem, small, quiet and unspoilt, usually overlooked by people going to Whitby etc.


    Parking is scarce at sea level, so it's best to drive down to the pier car park, then decant the wife kids and gear and drive back up to free car parking on the promenade, getting the little funicular back down, reversing this on leaving.


    The end unit near the car park serves superb fish and chips, in or out, the little restaurant is worth the extra, plus you can have a beer or wine with it.

    Miles of clean sand to walk on....


    Plus at the moment, you can check out the atrocities carried out by the Saltburn Yarnbombers..... a sort of Provisional Wing of the WI-

    saltburn yarn bomber - Google Search
  9. Go to Slengingrave round the next headland.A council estate on a beach(great folk).Or further south the wonderfull Port Mulgrave its usually shut.
  10. Found another gem near Thornley, you come off the A181 at the big Thornley roundabout..... it has a fullsize statue of a pit- pony on it.

    Take the Sedgefield road, past the garden centre on the left, then farther on is the right turn to Trimdon, just past it is the sign for Wingate Nature Reserve.

    It's a series of abandoned limestone quarries that have reverted back to nature, with a series of circular paths connecting them, so you can have a short stroll or a fair hike.

    If you're planning on a long hike, take drinks and food.





    Any idea what the fungus is, it was about dinner plate size.
  11. It's called 'alder bracket' - rots the core of the tree.
  12. The day was too good to go home early, so after the quarry, we ran over to Blackhall Rocks, again much restored after industry.

    It's part of a well made coastal path that be hiked, biked or ridden.

    Must be the clearest haze free day this year, could see from Whitburn in the north to the headland north of Staithes to the south.




    Only shows at low tide.... the wreckage of a ship that ran aground in 1920.
  13. mercurydancer

    mercurydancer LE Book Reviewer

    There is the Castle Eden walkway, which goes between the outskirts of Sunderland to the outskirts of Stockton. Its an old railway route but is very quiet and peaceful. Sedgefield is about 10km from the start of the walkway (Stockton end) and there are some really good pubs in Sedgefield, with superb food, but its a 3km walk along a dual carriageway to get to Sedgefield from the walkway, so not that pleasant for that bit.

    Seaton Carew is pleasant too. As its so close to me, I often dont appreciate that it is quite nice.

    Close to Seaton Carew is Saltholme nature reserve. Its sited on the salt marshes in the Tees valley and although its run by the Bird Watcher's society, dont let this put you off. The birdwatchers there are knowledgeable and affable. Its well organised with walks to the various bird watching hides, and as a great plus, it has a modern building which has a cafe overlooking the marshes, which does a fantastic breakfast for not a lot of dosh. Ive stopped there many times on the way to Hartlepool just for the breakfasts. They tend to open when the birds are on the waters, and its not unusual for the cafe to be open at dawn.

    Saltburn is a joy. The yarnbombers on the pier are worth going to see in their own right, and the Ship Inn is pretty good for food, and there are some good walks to be had going from Saltburn into the North York Moors, although they are a little lengthy.
  14. Get yourself up on t'moors at Great Broughton. Alternatively, I get the misses to drop me and the hound off at Osmotherley and walk to Clay Bank. Avoid Roseberry Topping like the plaque. It's either full of Boro Scum attempting to enjoy the great out doors in flip flops and sandals or coffin dodgers dressed like they're going up the Eiger. The Kings Head at Newton under Roseberry is alright for a pie and a pint as well.
  15. There's no restriction for dogs at Seaton Sluice, I walk my dog there twice a day, every day. (A white GSD/Akita cross)
    There are restriction however at Newbiggin.