PLeas for the love of God

PLEASE, why am I being shouted at by AHOY CHIPS, every single page I go to it's th e same shout out.......please guys is there anything you can do, it's bloody ridiculous, I'm even listening to it as I write this!!!!
Why post this again? Search for 'shouty ads' on the top right of the screen; it's been discussed at length.
Or turn your speakers off.
Great idea when I'm listening to other stuff. WHY the fcuk should I be subjected to this shouty shit.........?Bris, new to this site however if it's an issue then it should have been sorted - clearly not on my system and I even get it on the main menu page.
Why post this again? Search for 'shouty ads' on the top right of the screen; it's been discussed at length.
And maybe I'm at the end of my tether being shouted at about ******* chips mate.
Cheers mate, now stop shouting at me as you're at the back of the queue after AHOY FCUKIN CHIPS :)
And, to add insult....never ever ever seen AHOY CHIPS so couldn't buy them even if I wanted to!!!
Nail two pencils, to a depth of approximately 4 inches, in to each ear.
Thanks Snail... will this guarantee no AHOY CHIPS!!!
It worked for me.

@Ceres did some magic with his machine as well the other day so that he didn't get the pop up ads.

I don't understand all this jiggerypokery internet stuff. I've got a pink laptop. I press a button and it does things.

Unless it's sulking. Which is normally 5 mins before Pointless is due to start. @AlienFTM
Thanks snail appreciated, if @Ceres can give me a shout that would be great. Incredibly annoying as my speakers are normally up at full volume for editing work and I tend to shit a womble when getting screamed at at 500 decibels in an otherwise empty house!
Disable Flash.
How you do that depends on your browser.

If that doesn't work you might have a virus.
It now seems to have gone........I disabled FlashShockWave the other day as it kept crashing pages however it all seems quiet now. Visted a couple of pages without being abused.


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If you'd spent the last 30 years in IT, 20 of them with internet access, you'd have the sound turned off so that nobody else knew you were on Arrse .
If I spent the last 30 years in IT I probably wouldn't have anybody in my social circle who would care what I was doing....... In the States I'd be the wierdo in the corner waiting to go postal.
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