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plea to save war memorial in Hastings

Cash plea to save town's memorial

The war memorial, in Alexandra Park, was built in 1922
A campaign to raise thousands of pounds to save a war memorial in East Sussex has been officially launched.
The Grade II listed monument to soldiers from Hastings who fought and died in the two world wars is situated in the town's Alexandra Park.

A major restoration project to return the crumbling memorial to its former glory was announced earlier this year.

Hastings Borough Council has agreed to spend £60,000 and wants to raise another £60,000 for the scheme.

The memorial was built in 1922 and its stonework has become victim to the weather and old age.

The campaign to raise funds was launched last week by the mayor of Hastings, councillor Maureen Charlesworth, and Rod Pelling, chairman of the Hastings and St Leonards branch of the Royal British Legion.
Hate to be negative but most of the locals, aint local and if it was a centre for one eared, single parent, lesbian, hamster phobic imigrants, £60k would be there tomorrow.

Have seen it, (family ties in Hastings) and the park itself is fantastic, but the council have just finished a refurb of the park recently IIRC. Why was it not done then?

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